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Google Augmented Reality glasses demonstrated

by Alistair Lowe on 5 April 2012, 09:42

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Good morning, folks. How would you feel if you could wake up, put on your glasses and head on over to HEXUS for a little morning news? Well the little elves at Google have begun to stir and yesterday, three Google employees created a small introduction post on Google+, previewing some of the possibilities of Augmented Reality glasses technology.

In the video are demonstrations of a calendar/reminders, voice activation and voice input, video calling, navigation and contextual commands, though, possibly some eye-tracking is involved, from the point of view of the video it's difficult to understand how the system would be managed, hopefully Google will unveil more details in the near-future.

It's not yet clear if and when the technology is coming, currently the three employees are running trials, showing up in cafés with the tech. in order to start people talking, possibly to gain an idea of the level of public acceptance in regards to the new look; however, it's clear now that Google has something solid and is ready to press forwards and find out if the technology really can enter the mass market.

Miniaturisation of the visual components will likely push AR into the future, perhaps with the use of wave-guides and nano-tech lenses. What Google does have going for it, when compared with the competition, is its popular Android operating system, with messaging, a web-browser, Google Maps and an existing voice-command and input system.

We'll be eagerly following 'Project Glass', Google.

Project Glass in its current form

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I can only see this being a concept that looks amazing on a rendered video but never fully materialises in real life.
My god there are so many potential applications in the real world for this. Imagine having maps in front of your eyes when driving or walking.
I'm waiting on the cornea implant version, but this looks very very cool.
Looks pretty good :D

Glad I waited half an hour for it to buffer so I could get it in 1080p. FU internet! :rolleyes:
“Hold on a sec” he says… how rude?! Like please wait while I check in at this burger van whilst staring at the floor!

Also, “where's the music section?”, why not just ask the shop assistant. I get that they are demonstrating what it could do, but come on: it's a small book shop!

Other than that it looks pretty cool.