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Livescribe demos the Pulse SmartPen, blows our minds

by Parm Mann on 13 January 2010, 01:54

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The pen is mightier

Livescribe's Pulse SmartPen isn't entirely new, but we've been given our first live demonstration at CES 2010 and we've been blown away by what it can do.

The device, pictured above, is about the size of a large pen and houses a number of technologies - including a microphone, a speaker, an OLED display and up to 4GB of Flash memory. There's also a removable ink cartridge, but what makes the Pulse SmartPen stand out is its versatility in multiple usage scenarios.

Although primarily used to capture notes and audio, Livescribe's recently-launched App store has opened the door to a whole new world of applications, making this arguably the most useful pen we've ever seen.

Though, to truly get a feel for what it can do, it needs to be seen in action, so we've turned the camera to Livescribe CEO and founder Jim Marggraff for a hands-on demonstration. Check it out below, and prepare to be amazed.

As impressed as we are? The Pulse SmartPen is available in the UK priced at £119.99 for a 2GB model and £149.99 for the higher-capacity 4GB offering.

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That is awesome. Every minute of that video showed yet another function that absolutely melted my mind.

But the thing i really want to know is, do you need to feed the magic fairies that live inside it and how many are there? As that's clearly how it works, there is no other explanation. Your not fooling me with this special paper business.

I don't know what i'd use it for but i definitely want one.

At the start it did look a little cumbersome and bulky, but then when i saw what it could do i'm not surprised.
That was frikkin' cool! If only I had one at university :D
Absolutely Awesome. Tempting to buy one for uni, just write the heading for each new subject, then let the lecturer speak.

Would require me to sit at the front for the mic to pick it up though.

I'll spend the rest of the day deciding whether to buy this or not.
Now that's what I call a notebook computer!

Have to admit, when the video started I was thinking “right, a pen that records sound… my life has changed”, but it was genuinely amazing.

How does it actually work? Is it recognising the structure of the dots around the pen marks or something and thus sussing out where it is on the page?