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Logitech launches Harmony 900 universal remote

by Parm Mann on 11 August 2009, 11:18

Tags: Harmony 900, Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI)

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We've wanted a Logitech Harmony One remote since we first laid our hands on it back at CES 2008, and, though we still don't have one, there's now a successor that we can't help but covet.

It's called the Logitech Harmony 900, and it's a £300 remote control that clearly isn't for the faint hearted.

As with all of Logitech's universal remotes, it can control numerous devices - up to 15 in this case - and aims to simplify home entertainment. Arguably the most significant feature introduced to the Harmony 900 is its revised use of RF (radio frequency) technology.

Logitech bundles the Harmony 900 with an RF module and a pair of mini RF blasters (pictured below), allowing for users to implement an RF setup that'll control devices wherever you point the remote. For those who can't live with clutter, that means you'll be able to control all your kit whilst it's hidden behind cabinet doors.

The RF setup process is carried out using the remote's full-colour touchscreen, which we're told is capable of a higher resolution than the touchscreen on the existing Harmony One.

Users will also notice subtle changes to the remote layout - including the addition of red, green, yellow and blue buttons, all of which are essential for interactive digital TV services.

It's certainly an impressive piece of kit, and it'll be reaching stores next month. Trouble is, at £299.99, it's mighty expensive and priced a little close to the £379.99 tablet-like Harmony 1100 - and that unit's 3.5in touchscreen is a dream for any remote connoisseur.

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Yeah! I want a remote that costs more than my TV!
Start having proper adapters to control other things such as lamps, power off at wall (energy saving!) and we shall talk.

£350 for that how it is now, i would rather build my own, with a few PICs and some mobile phone LCDs.
Wonder if we'll get a revised One with them nice coloured buttons?
I own - and like - a Harmony One. I only paid £79.95 for it, and there's no way I'd fork out more just for a remote control. Yes, it would have been nice if they'd remembered the 4 coloured buttons, but they have put them as ‘soft’ buttons instead which is nearly as good.
Of course, the H1 doesn't have RF, but I don't see that as being worth an extra £270!
I own a 555 and the user interface is excellent. Not as good as the harmony one but in my opinion the saving was worth it.
Great device.