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Kodak adds a little touch to its photo frames

by Parm Mann on 28 March 2008, 12:30

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Quick Touch Border technology makes photo frames fun

Kodak has announced its new digital photo frames, complete with its Quick Touch Border technology which allows users to browse images with a touch or slide of their finger.

We, along with every other digital photo frame manufacturer, are now wondering; "why didn't we think of that?"

Kodak's touch-capable photo frame

The photo frame, pictured above, is scheduled to begin shipping in the US on or around April 16th. It'll be available in 10in and 8in models, the M1020 and M820, and will retail at $230 and $180 respectively.

Don't however confuse these frames as being completely touch screen. Jabbing away with your fingers won't get you too far as it is in fact only the borders of the frame that are touch sensitive. Kodak states that the display area itself isn't touch sensitive to help prevent those horrible finger prints you end up with. Fair enough, that makes sense to us.

Other than the Quick Touch Border however, the frames are pretty much what you'd expect. Built-in speakers are provided for MP3 playback during your slideshows and two memory card slots offer support for CF, SD, MMC, xD and MS formats. In addition, 128MB of internal memory is available for copying your images over.

Sadly, the frames are lacking Wi-Fi which personally we love to have on our photo frames. Still, it can't be long until somebody launches a 12in, widescreen, multi-touch capable, be-all end-all photo frame, right?

Official press release: Kodak Enhances Digital Picture Frame Portfolio, Adding a New Dimension to the Photo Sharing Experience

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