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Stroke it in the living room with the Golf Launchpad

by Nick Haywood on 11 January 2008, 01:45

Tags: Sports

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TruFeel Technology will improve your game

CES 2008 The Golf Launchpad is a golf stroke training simulator and game control device that, its makers claim, is suitable to complete novices right through to the dedicated golfer.

Using an array of optical sensors, the Golf Launchpad checks the club head thousands of times a second as you swing through to hit the tethered ball, and even allows you to simulate driving without using a full blown driver. The sensors don’t need you to light the mat or attach anything to your usual clubs, letting you use the clubs you’re used to.

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The net behind the mat catches the ball as it rotates around the central pivot so you can swing as hard as you like without fear of leaving a spinning ball whizzing round and round. And for PC users will be happy as they get a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 to use with the Golf Launchpad.

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Anyone here got a ceiling high enough for a full golf club swing??
Haven't quite alot of these already been out, what's new?

The extras sensors or the new version of the game?