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British cinemagoers unconvinced by 3D

by Parm Mann on 28 September 2011, 11:37

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British cinemagoers have suggested that the hype about 3D films is just a phase, according to a new survey by YouGov.

Of the 2,796 adult film goers surveyed, a staggering 49 per cent said that the hype surrounding 3D would pass, while 41 per cent stated that "3D films are a gimmick, and don't improve a film".

Just 22 per cent felt 3D improved the overall cinema experience, but 47 per cent admitted that if a film was being shown in both 3D and 2D at the same time, at the same price, they would choose the 3D option.

The survey also revealed that while 52 per cent of participants would be more likely to watch a 3D film if they didn't need to wear glasses, the majority don't see 3D movies as an effective solution to a fall in the number of people going to the cinema.

Despite the public's seeming indifference to 3D films, three of the year's highest-grossing movies - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - have all been produced using 3D technology.

Inflated 3D ticket pricing has ensured an increase in year-on-year box office takings, but cinema attendance continues to dwindle.

According to a British Film Institute report, UK cinema admissions have fallen by two per cent, and it's a similar story in the US, where cinema attendance has fallen for the fourth consecutive year.

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This quote covers it all really:

Inflated 3D ticket pricing has ensured an increase in year-on-year box office takings, but cinema attendance continues to dwindle.

Its all about trying to draw extra cash out of each punter rather than improve the film. My girlfriend gets headaches with them anyway so I'll just stick with 2d. For the same reason I'm not upgrading the TV…
The best films ever made were in 2D and wouldn't have been any better had they been presented in 3D. Hollywood is pretty much out of original material now and I reckon the survey merely confirms that a boring sequel is still boring regardless of the number of eyes you view it through.
You need a second mortgage to go and watch a film these days and I dread to think what it costs if you take children with you.

We just wait for most films to come out on rental and don't have to put up with the screaming/crying children or people chatting etc.

Both the missus and I also suffer from headaches after watching 3D films, which ruins the overall experience.
I think I'm going to be in the majority, being “unconvinced by 3D”. To be honest, for most of the films I can't actually tell that it is 3D (or not). In fact I think Avatar was probably the few where the 3D effect was “obvious”. The exception has been some of the kids cartoons - like Cars 2 - where it was noticeable.

Maybe I'm being cheap, but these days if there's a 2D version then I'll invariably plump for that rather than spend good brass for nowt with the 3D one. When you're getting little change from Ā£40 for a family film, it becomes a lot more difficult to justify that kind of expense for a mere 2 hours of entertainment.

I'm more worried about the falling attendances personally - still preferring to watch a good film in the whole cinema “experience” rather than slumming in front of my Bravia. Maybe Hollywood can get around to delivering that “good film” sometime rather than a seemingly endless procession of follow-ups and remakes? (Although King's Speech was darned good imho).

And of course, they're busy fitting 3D to games as well - again, I'm not 100% convinced that this is a good idea. I heard from a couple of 3DS owners that they can't actually use that for any lengthy period of time without strange optical effects or headaches.
3d in the cinemas is a gimmick, seen a few films in cinema in 3d and its so bloody expensive for what it is. However when i was in richersounds with my dad deciding what tv we shall be buying when we move, we got them to demo 3d active and passive versions (thought why not since well 3d is kind getting good in terms of pricing) and wow the passive version by lg (same as cinemas or so they say) was bloody amazing, we deciding right then we needed a 3d tv (still deciding what one as we aint moved yet)

The 3d on tvs is so much better than cinema it really is 10x better, couldnt justify buying a 3d ticket at cinema now but id be willing to buy a 3d tv for extra :P