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Sky to launch Europe's first 3D channel in 2010

by Parm Mann on 30 July 2009, 14:08

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BSkyB has today announced that it will launch Europe's first 3D channel and a new video-on-demand service in 2010, both of which will be available to existing customers with Sky+HD set-top boxes.

The news follows record growth of Sky's HD service, with an average of 90 customers estimated to be signing up to Sky+HD each hour in 2009, resulting in a HD install base of 1.313 million users.

The next step in the Sky+HD journey, says Sky, is the launch of 3D programming that'll arrive on an exclusive 3D channel next year. Sky expects to broadcast movies, sport and general entertainment in 3D using its existing HD infrastructure. Although the channel will be available via current Sky+HD set-top boxers, viewers will require a 3D-ready TV - of which many are expected to hit retail in 2010.

Sky has recently demonstrated 3D broadcasts to members of the press, and both TV broadcasters and big-name movie studios appear to believe that 3D is the next logical evolution for digital video.

For viewers unconvinced by 3D technology, Sky has also announced that 2010 will also see the introduction of a new comprehensive video-on-demand (VOD) service. The service will make use of the broadband capability of existing Sky+HD boxes and is expected to compliment existing services such as Sky+ and Sky Anytime.

All sounds promising, but we're hoping 3D channels won't require an additional "3D Pack" charged at Ā£10 per month.

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Well i remember reading something last year possibly the year before about them filming Gladiators in 3D so this could be a reasonable date, but how many people have even got / will buy 3D capable TV's ?
Quite happy with the screen I have and certainly couldn't justify upgrading (even for want of new toys) anytime soon. Like the article says, knowing Sky, they'll want to charge a premium for bugger all content. Pixar and the like will be 3D, Cameron's at it with Avatar and it appears the major studios are edging towards that tech. Obvious why, paying bums on seats at the cinema; pirate copies won't be useful for many and cameras won't be of any use (:rolleyes:). It'll be a few years yet before there's a decent schedule worth paying for.
on demand service would be good, i guess it would allow access to skyplayer-esque program via sky box in turn connected to your sky routers green ethernet port, hopefully removing the need to have it hooked up via my phone line
Is their just me that really doesn't like 3d? given im long and short sighted they don't tend to work lol.
@Jasp - I took my daughter to see Ice Age 3D yesterday, and while the technology was effective, I found that after a while the experience was physically uncomfortable. I used to be - perhaps still am - slightly long-sighted. On the 3D side, it was fun, but I don't feel an overwhelming desire to go out and chuck my current HD screen.