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Bond 22: Quantum Of Solace

by Parm Mann on 24 January 2008, 14:23

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Scheduled for release on November 7th 2008

The 22nd instalment of the James Bond franchise, starring Daniel Craig as the charming albeit ruthless British agent, has been officially titled "Quantum of Solace".

The title is taken from an Ian Fleming short story in the For Your Eyes Only collection. I've got to be honest, I've no idea what Quantum of Solace could mean in terms of the new movie, but it doesn't really excite me, at all.

According to Empire, the plot revolves around an attempted coup in a South American country. The bad guys want to control one of the world's important natural resources and naturally, Bond isn't having any of it.

Quantum of Solace, scheduled for a UK release on November 7th 2008, stars Daniel Craig as James Bond, Mathieu Amalric as Maurice Green, Olga Kurylenko as Camille, Gemma Arterton as Agent Fields and Judi Dench as M.

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Unusual title indeed..be interesting to see how they muster up a storyline pertaining to that title.
Apparantly Daniel Craig said in an interview the title is to do with his loss at the end of Casino Royale, leaving bond in a Quantum Solace.

That said, the movie isn't said to be a sorrow-filled affair, it's going to be more action packed than Casino Royale, according to the director.
Must get round to watching the Casino Royale DVD…
quantum of solace was actually a bond book that ian fleming wrote so they are still sticking close to the original work.