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Star Trek teaser trailer hits the right notes

by Parm Mann on 22 January 2008, 10:42

Tags: Star Trek, Paramount Pictures (NYSE:SNE)

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Space, the final frontier... (now viewable in HD)

The official website for the 11th instalment of Star Trek movies made its debut last week, and as expected, it has now been filled with the first official teaser trailer.

For the Trekkies among us who can't wait to see the teaser, here it is in lowly YouTube form.

For those of us who prefer holodeck-like quality, HD versions can be downloaded from Yahoo.com and a decent quality stream is available at the official Star Trek movie website.

The trailer isn't all that's new either, eagle eyed Trekkies have already found a little red button on the official website that leads to a viral website at ncc-1701.com, if you don't know what those letters and numbers stand for, you're not worthy of watching this movie. The viral website incidently seems to show a few camera angles of the shipyard in which the Enterprise is being created.

I haven't thoroughly enjoyed a Star Trek movie since VI, The Undiscovered Country. Though, First Contact wasn't bad either. Here's hoping that XI, scheduled for release on Christmas Day 2008, takes us back to the good ol' days.

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I've gone all tingly and moist … really, really looking forwards to this :drool:
NEver really been a star trek fan but who is going to be the captain in the film? IS going to be pre kirk times or some other point in the time line?
kopite, Kirk is in the movie, he'll be played by Chris Pine and I'm guessing he'll be captain.

Apparantly, the film explores the origins of the crew and how they came together. Apparantly!
No - I think Pike is supposed to be captain in this one.

(pre-kirk days)
Star Trek (2008)

That has Chris Pine as Kirk which is in line with what I've read elsewhere.