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The Dark Knight, a viral campaign and then some!

by Parm Mann on 26 November 2007, 12:05

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Not too long ago, eager fans anticipating 2008's The Dark Knight were asked to send in pictures of themselves dressed up as The Joker. If that wasn't odd enough, fans who did so (yes, some actually did) were sent e-mails asking them to keep an eye out for The Gotham Times.

The Gotham Times surfaced a few days ago and is readable online via viral site and currently consists of four pages, each of which features a whole host of juicy information. There is news on Harvey Dent, police corruption in Gotham and even sightings of Clown Gangs.

That however is just the tip of the iceberg! Following close inspection of The Gotham Times, fans have uncovered a whole host of other related viral sites revealing a viral campaign that has made me giddy! Below is a list of sites that have been discovered so far:

The Ha Ha Ha - The Gotham Times is a good read, but you've just got to see The Joker's take on it.

We Are The - A Gotham community website where Gotham residents can report corruption within the city. I somewhat doubt it, but if you know of any wrong doings in Gotham, you know where to go.

Gotham - Official website for the City of Gotham Police Department. They even have a recruitment page!

Gotham National - Official website for Gotham's biggest bank, surely a place The Joker has his sights set on?

Remembering - A website dedicated to the memory of a murdered girl reported in The Gotham Times. If you take the time to e-mail the website, you'll even get an e-mail back! I won't spoil the surprise however by telling you what the e-mail contains.

Gotham City - Official website for Gotham's Rail Network. Notably, service between Wayne Central and St. Andrews is still closed. Thanks Batman, you may have saved the city but did you ever think about the poor commuters? Any chance of a ride in your car?

Why So (Personality Profile) - A personality checker, or maybe a recruitment process for The Joker's personal gang?

There's clearly a lot going on in Gotham and having delved into all of the above, I'm now hugely excited about The Dark Knight. We'll keep our ears peeled and keep you posted on any further developments whilst we wait patiently for the movie's first trailer.

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