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Apple iPhone 3G now on sale, did you get one?

by Parm Mann on 11 July 2008, 09:31

Tags: iPhone 3G, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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It's the phone you've been waiting for, says Apple in regards to its iPhone 3G. Though, you might be left waiting a little longer as availability on the handset's highly-publicised launch day is severely limited.

O2 has already expressed its concern on UK stock shortages, and it's highlighting the matter on launch day with the following message:

"We are experiencing unprecedented demand for the device and whilst we are confident that all customers who want iPhone 3G will get one by the end of this summer, initial supply is limited and will be for some weeks."

Doesn't sound promising, but somebody, somewhere, must have picked one up already. So, have you managed to get your hands on the iPhone 3G? If so, share your thoughts in the forums as we'd love to hear your first impressions - and some pictures, we might add.

Alternatively, if you just don't see what all the fuss is about, feel free to have a good ol' rant whilst waving your BlackBerry in the air.

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Got mine - prefer the looks to the old one, but the shape will take some getting used to. Super Monkey Ball is amazing - but anyone who upgrades their firmware can get it, worth £5.99.

Can't test the GPS yet either as I haven't been outside with it yet.

Activation was quick and painless for an upgrade, just swap the sim-cards then plug into i-tunes. Took ages in the O2 shop though, big queues and their system as offline. If you want one today, get there quick but they might have sold out already.

I bought 80% of the UK's iPhone stock…

…then put them all on the bonfire.
simply shocking! How could you?!
I kinda fancy one myself, largely due to the App Store, but the handset's just too expensive. Not to mention I'm only about 6 months into my 18-month contract with Orange.
Took me a couple of moments to realise what the small queue outside the Dundee O2 shop was for. Ironically, there was no queue at the other phone shop 20m down the street where a guy was walking out with his new iPhone.