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Evesham iplayer - the Freeview PVR you've dreamt about!

by Bob Crabtree on 23 November 2006, 16:19

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The press release

Evesham's digital vision beats BT in the High Definition ipTV revolution… and you can choose the ISP that suits you

The new iplayer from Evesham - the way we watch TV has changed forever

Evesham, UK, 23rd November 06 - Evesham Technology has today announced the launch of the new Evesham iplayer. Designed to bring you a world of possibilities today and in the future, the extraordinary new hybrid set-top box delivers the best of existing digital services and features as well as ensuring you are prepared for the forthcoming High Definition digital terrestrial broadcast revolution (HDTV) and ipTV. The iplayer combines an advanced digital TV receiver, real-time HD upscaler, time-shifting digital TV recorder, network media centre, Internet browser and download station into one revolutionary box at a remarkably low price. The way we watch TV has changed forever.

The perfect partner for both HD ready LCD TVs and traditional CRT TVs the new Evesham iplayer is a compact and refined Digital HD, SD and ipTV receiver. With the inclusion of a HDMI output to display the highest quality, vibrant TV pictures, the iplayer is extremely easy to set-up and use.

Why pay sky high subscription prices for fully featured, interactive digital TV? Access over 40 digital freeview channels, a wealth of digital radio stations and download HD content direct to your TV or access media via a networked PC. Never going out of fashion, the Evesham iplayer has been developed to bring together entertainment and communication, so as TV evolves, so too does the iplayer. 100% Future proof, with firmware upgrades as and when new features are developed, the iplayer will be the last set-top box you will ever need to buy.

The Evesham iplayer’s features exceed any rival set-top box on the market. Firstly, the iplayer is a real-time up-scaler. So you’ve purchased your first HD ready TV but the content you can view is extremely limited. The iplayer lets you realise the full potential of your HD ready TV now by up-scaling your SD picture to HD delivering exceptional quality picture on anything you decide to watch.

Choosing what to watch couldn’t be simpler. An advanced smart and sophisticated 7 day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) displays all available programmes as well as information about programmes currently viewing. The iplayer even downloads channel logos to make selection clear and simple.

The EPG allows you to schedule programmes you wish to record. Dr Who is not the only one who packs more into a box than seems possible from the outside… and just like his box you can travel in time with the iplayer too. Use the Time-shift facilities and you’ll never miss a programme, even when you have already missed it. With one click of a button you can record TV or schedule a recording at any time. You can schedule recordings to be one-off, daily (Mon-Fri) or weekly and will be informed of potential recording conflicts. The iplayer is supplied as standard with an 80GB HDD (70 hours or recording).

Integrating the iplayer into your broadband home network allows you to experience advanced multimedia capabilities. The iplayer is unique as it gives you the freedom to enjoy entertainment your way. Unlike other TV services the iplayer does not limit you to only one ISP and tie you in with huge monthly subscriptions or tie you in to a telephone or TV service. Easily integrate the iplayer into your current setup without having to worry about changing ISP.

Using the TV Max facility, whether connected to a networked computer or directly to the internet, the iplayer allows you to browse the internet, compose, send and receive emails and play Podcasts with ease. Access the Media Centre function and access media video clips, audio tracks or photos directly from your PC. You can even create and view dazzling photo slideshows in super sharp, true HD to easily share memories with friends and family.

The iplayer is completely subscription free but using the internet browser and download station, allows you access to ipTV. Whether you want to use your iplayer as a Video Juke Box to download music videos or as a home cinema to download films, including HD films, the iplayer is a cost effective way to control your home entertainment.

With an eye to the future the iplayer is Catch UP TV ready. Soon to be added to the iplayer feature list, this facility for internet connected users allows you to watch previously aired programmes (without the need for recording, thus saving valuable HDD space). Catch Up TV will allow you to select a variety of your favourite programmes to watch at a later date, ensuring that you never miss them again! The iplayer even offers pay for TV options. For example, sports enthusiasts are able to subscribe to the new Setanta Sports subscription channel for a monthly fee to watch premium sports. Currently available are Scottish Premier League matches and in 2007, live FA Premier League matches will be available every Monday night (pay per match).

Evesham iplayer puts you in control - cutting edge TV technology, amazing low price, no contract, backed by Evesham’s award winning service and support.

Available now exclusively from Evesham Technology. Priced only £299.99 Inc. VAT, it’s a small price to pay for TVolution!

iplayer additional information:

· 2x Scart
· 1x HDMI
· 1x Stereo 3.5mm jack plug
· 1x Optical SPDIF
· 1x RF input and 1 x RF output
· 1 x USB (Keyboard, External HDD)

Included in the box:
· Power lead
· Remote control (batteries included)
· Ethernet and Scart cable
· CD with Media Connect software and user manual

· (W) 315mm x (D) 155mm x (H) 50mm

· High Definition Multimedia Interface for digital end-to-end chain from broadcaster to screen.
· Display Compatible with all HD Plasma, LCD and CRT screens as well as all SD television sets.
· Resolution compatible with all HD and SD resolutions 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i.
· Picture format Compatible with widescreen (16:9) and full screen (4:3) broadcast, with variable ratios using letterbox or pan and scan modes.

· Optical Digital Audio output SPDIF for digital end-end chain from broadcaster to home cinema
· Analogue stereo out put (mini jack) for legacy audio systems

· Compatible with free-to-air and pay TV systems (subscription or pay per view)
· Fully featured Digital Teletext Support for interactive applications, support for subtitles
· VOD Video on Demand ready. Compatible with full-screen standard video on demand and video streaming in MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and
Windows Media Video 9 formats

Evesham Technology is a leading UK based provider of IT Solutions. Evesham develop and assemble its own range of PCs, servers, notebooks and PNAs. Evesham PCs have become one of the highest award winning ranges of personal computers in the UK. http://www.lowestonweb.com is a subsidiary of Evesham Technology Ltd, specialising in peripherals and other IT related equipment. Evesham also has a reseller division.

Evesham’s strength lies in its very strong relationship with manufacturers and suppliers. Evesham has regularly been partnered with Intel, Microsoft and AMD to bring new products to market in the UK. Evesham have also worked directly with Intel for server product development and has strong storage products based on co-operation with suppliers. Evesham is a strong leader in the promotion of the Microsoft Home Media Center.

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Things to test: formats - can it play Xvid, Divx, wmv, mpeg 1 & 2, mp4s from iTunes, mov, realplayer video. Can it handle HD videos like the HD trailers? What audio formats: only mp3, or does it handle things like flac (Ok, maybe that's asking too much of it, I know).
If you're prepared to void the warranty, how easy is it to upgrade the hard disc yourself?
Compare the upscaler to the one built-in to whatever TV you use to test it. Could do this by ripping a DVD to computer and then comparing the picture from a good-quality non-upscaling DVD player to that produced when you play back the same mpeg2 upscaled from the computer.
looks nice, would be great if you could find out if files recorded with this device will be accessible on the pc (for editing etc), and if you can add extra HD space (i.e through a usb HD)

At the moment i'm thinking of buying an Xbox360 to act as the media terminal in my living room, but this looks like it could be another option - especially as it has an internet browser
Cant see it playing Mp4 from iTunes due to the licencing thing…
On the downside, the unit isn't cheap - £300 - and has an 80GB built-in hard-disk. That's said to be good for 70 hours of recordings but is rather smaller than we'd like.

I would accept an 80Gb drive on a budget PVR box that might only get used for live pause and the odd time shifted soap. On an high end box the minimum should be 160Gb. Seeing as how cheap hard drives are these dayse, and this is supposed to support HD content, It ought to have 300Gb or more like Sky's curent HD box.
Trig;923739']Cant see it playing Mp4 from iTunes due to the licencing thing…

Bleh, you're right of course, wasn't thinking. But it would be interesting to know if it could handle self-made mp4s formatted for the iPod (h.264 simple profile).