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BT Sport to add Chromecast support in the UK

by Mark Tyson on 2 April 2014, 15:45

Tags: British Telecom (LON:BT.A), Chrome

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After the launch of Chromecast in the UK and ten new countries a few weeks back, BT Sport is said to becoming the second British broadcaster to be adding support for Google's HDMI TV dongle.

Consumer division head at BT, John Petter, announced through The Financial Times that sports fans will soon get an extra option for streaming UK-based sporting events on Chromecast. He also said that only BT broadband customers will have access to view the channels via Chromecast. Highlights of the BT channels include Premier League and FA Cup matches.

At the moment, BBC iPlayer is the only other UK broadcaster with Chromecast support. However streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Google Play are already available and Sky has recently signalled that it is thinking about updating NOW TV and adding support for Chromecast.

While it's definitely on its way, no BT Sport roll-out date has been announced as yet. Concerning timings a BT spokesperson told TNW that "we don't have further details to share."

The Google Chromecast dongle is available for £30 from Google Play, Amazon, and Currys & PC World in the UK.

New Chromecast channels in the USA

Whilst we are still waiting for more channels to become castable via the UK Chromecast, popular streaming media services Rdio, Crackle (from Sony) and VUDU (from Walmart) have announced support for the dongle in the US, reports The Verge.

US Chromecast owners can now stream high quality movie and television series content through Crackle and VUDU and music from Internet radio service Rdio to their HDMI equipped TV sets. However it is noted that not all VUDU content will be eligible for Chromecast support due to studio licensing restrictions.

With Rdio competitor Beats Music known to be also planning to facilitate streaming via Chromecast it seems like Spotify will need to step up or be left behind in this usage case.

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Just hope Channel 4 and itv hurry up and get it working. Great device for the price. So easy watching netflix/iplayer on an older TV - its so easy to use the blu-ray player that we used previously is now sitting idle.