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4K TV but no 4K content? Don't Worry, Sony has you covered

by Alistair Lowe on 22 November 2012, 09:51

Tags: Sony (NYSE:SNE)

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One of the biggest issues behind 4K TV at the moment is a lack of any 4K broadcasts and 4K physical delivery standards, rendering much of the product's advantages moot and, at the $25,000 Sony's asking for its 4K television, we'd typically to say to any consumer buying one of these devices, silly, silly you.

Sony 4K TV

However, Sony's XBR-84X900 84in 4K TV is a TV with a difference. Details are a little sketchy, with more information to come following Thanksgiving across the pond, however Sony is promising that its product will ship with the first ever 4K content delivery system and will come bundled with Hollywood movies at full native resolution - very interesting.

We would however suggest that, if you're struggling to pay off your mortgage or turned down vacation for some extra pay recently, you may wish to avoid this television, though for the rich looking for as many pixels as they can afford, right now, with real content, this could be the one and, at the very least, Sony's taken a big step in the right direction.

Sony XBR-84X900

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…. Lucky I held back before taking the plunge… Almost bought this last week with the hope of some Quidco cashback :P
much of the product's advantages mute

Surely many of the product's advantages are moot?
Sony is promising that its product will ship with the first ever 4K content delivery system
It's coming with the internet! Shock horror.
even back when 1080p tvs first arrived - there was no content for it and look at it now.
yep but it took darn near ages for 1080p content to become relatively common and by that time much better and cheaper 1080p tvs were available, making the purchase of an initial HD tv a bad move (poor quality, expensive and money that could have earned more interest in the bank in the meantime).

The same will happen with 4K quite possibly.

If you remember the first HDTVs they were awful - non native HD resolutions (1377x786 was common), lacked connections like component and even HDMI(!), questionable HDCP support, little support for 1080p (remember ‘HD ready’ meant minimum compatibility of 720p or 1080i, rarely ever options for 5.1 audio pass through etc).

I doubt the move to 4k will be quite as bad but why take a $25,000 risk with no content? I find it hard to believe Sony have much 4k content from other studios - that too is a punt on the unknown!