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PC World launches ‘iPad Media Streaming’

by Sarah Griffiths on 3 September 2010, 12:16

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Streaming dream

PC World has launched an ‘iPad Media Streaming' service to allow iPad owners to store 100GB of media online and access their files via a Wi-Fi or 3G network.

PC World collaborated with Livedrive to design the service, which costs £39.99 per year. iPad users can back up their media and data files from their PC or Mac online so they can access them remotely with their iPad.

The service also lets users live stream their music, videos and photos direct from their online storage and even from multiple PCs and Macs to their iPad via a home network.

Although PC World pointed out the iPad's advantages, it also said some users cannot fit all their media onto the device, while music and videos have to be accessed via iTunes.

The firm said its streaming service solves these problems as it boosts storage and allows users to view media on their iPad even if it is not stored in their iTunes library via a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

After purchasing the software, PC World said users must register and install it on their PC and download the Media Stream app on their iPad. Their computer will then automatically scan for files to back up and users can choose what they store online.

iPad Media Streaming follows the launch of the firm's Meet iPad service, which provides users with one-on-one sessions with Apple trained staff to help users get the most from their tablet.

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If using yout 3G connection, does this then dig into your data allowance. I would presume so…
If using yout 3G connection, does this then dig into your data allowance. I would presume so…

uploading… so i dont know, downloading definitely would, but it only mentions data usage on 3g so i dont know if they include uploading, if so only do it on small files i guess and use wifi for the big chunk, would be better if this was cloud based and you could run the files at a decent speed rather then just have access to them.