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Blu-ray Disc Association announces BDXL and IH-BD formats

by Parm Mann on 6 April 2010, 15:26

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Two new Blu-ray disc formats have been announced in an attempt to bring greater flexibility to the high-capacity optical disc.

The first of the formats, BDXL, announced by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) late last week, will offer a 128GB capacity on write-once discs and a 100GB capacity on rewritable discs.

Designed primarily for professional archiving use, the BDXL disc will consist of three-to-four recordable layers and therefore won't be compatible with existing Blu-ray players/recorders. Although movies are unlikely to be offered via the new format anytime soon, the BDA has confirmed that "a consumer version of BDXL is also expected".

The second format, Intra-Hybrid Blu-ray Disc (IH-BD) is designed to provide consumers with greater flexibility. The disc will incorporate both a single BD-ROM layer and a BD-RE layer, creating a disc with 25GB of permanent content and a further 25GB of capacity available for writing data.

As with BDXL, the IH-BD format will require "newly-designed hardware" for playback, but the BDA adds that players designed for the BDXL or IH-BD formats will be backward compatible with the existing Blu-ray Disc standard.

Press release: Blu-ray Disc Association Announces Additional Format Enhancements

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Well super dooper an all but the media is still too bloody expensive :P
Meh won't work with existing devices, by the time its out in mainstreme flash memory in SD format will probably be about the same price as a re-writable?
whats the point if it wont work with current players?
whats the point if it wont work with current players?

Blu-Ray = Sony. It's how they roll.
Bluray doesnt =sony?
Sony are just part of the BDA, Disney are one of the most investors i believe and there are loads of members in the BDA such as LG, major manufacturers and film publishers.

Its meant to be a look at the future, however if HD-DVD had one then you wouldnt have this problem as iirc the players already supports up to 10 layers (15gb in each layer so 150gb disks). What im looking at though is the HVD, Holographic versatile disk. This is theoretically maxed at 1 or 10TB so i cant wait for it actually be finished as it would put an end to this BR nonsense :D.