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Microsoft Zune Phone rumours resurface

by Parm Mann on 12 May 2009, 16:31

Tags: Zune 2, Zune HD, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Despite limited success in North America, Microsoft's Zune media player is anything but forgotten - thanks largely to the sheer volume of industry rumours suggesting that new-and-improved models are in the pipeline.

For a quick recap, a device dubbed "Zune HD" is believed to be arriving at some point this year, and it's said to be launching internationally - a first for any Zune device. On top of that, we're led to believe that the next Zune will be tied closely to Windows Mobile 7, it'll feature a touchscreen, and it'll offer Netflix integration.

If that wasn't enough, a new Twitter account said to be opened by Microsoft to tweet details regarding the Tech Ed debut of its Office 2010 software suite has become the latest source of Zune information. Despite issuing only five tweets thus far, two have captured the attention of the Zune faithful and read:

"June 2009 will be an important month for Zune lovers."

"New product launch, that's all I'm allowed to say. Hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre. :)"

As expected, the above tweets have set alight the Zune rumour mill and many have already concluded that the Zune HD, or indeed a Zune Phone, will be launched next month.

We're intrigued, but with Microsoft repeatedly denying that a Zune Phone exists, we're airing on the side of caution. It's also worth noting, however, that Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer recently advised gamers across the globe to "pay attention to the stuff we're announcing in the next month on Xbox."

There's clearly something afoot, so here's our guess - Microsoft will finally announce Zune integration on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms at next month's E3. With its plans for a connected entertainment experience in the open, we reckon it'll then launch its next Zune device internationally in June. Whether that be a Zune HD or a Zune Phone, however, is anyone's guess.

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