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Sony to charge £3,500 for OLED TV. Half price in US

by Tarinder Sandhu on 29 January 2009, 15:41

Tags: Sony (NYSE:SNE)

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Looking back at CES 2009, held a three weeks ago in Las Vegas, Team HEXUS reckoned that LG's lush, 15in OLED TV was just the epitome of cool.

But being a wholly prototype design, we'd have to wait until at least June before even contemplating laying out the cash for one.

Sony, however, has been parading the 11.1 XEL-1 OLED-based TV for a while now, and since last January US customers have been able to buy one for $2,499 (£1,750) should the urge and folly take them.

Now, though, UK customers can get their grubby mitts on one...with a huge catch.


Perusing the Sony Style site, the 3mm-thick XEL-1 will be available for a grand total of £3,489, and will ship at the end of this month.

In effect, you could fly to The States, buy one, have a great time, and still save money. OLED is expensive technology, sure, but this pricing is just silly.

We wouldn't be surprised to see Sony chop £1,000 off the price in the next few days in a special 'sale'.

Still, Sony can claim to be priced.like.no.other.

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Good ole' Sony. We'll rip the pockets right out of your trousers along with the cash.
So in US they are paying £1,750, and here we have to pay £3489.00, thats right rip off.
Fly to U.S.
Buy two.
Come home.
Sell one on ebay?
The crazy thing is even though people will be moaning about ‘rip-off britain’ they'll still buy them.

Until people cotton on and don't purchase these items with markups like this they'll keep on doing it.
You have got to be kidding… I sincerely hope no one is dumb/crazy enough to pay that much - it's over-priced enough in the States without them adding a 100% ‘British people are too stupid to notice’ mark up.

What possible reason could they have to justify this price difference??