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IBC 2005 :: BBC Broadcast encodes and navigates for new Telewest service

by Bob Crabtree on 12 September 2005, 00:00

Tags: 3Com

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IBC 2005BBC Broadcast is to provide encoding and navigational services as well as promotional “barker channels” for Telewest’s new TV-on-demand service, Teleport.

Teleport allows subscribers to search for current programmes, as well as to replay popular programmes from the last week. Viewers will also be able to “instant purchase” a desired programme from the barker channel using their remote control. The new service is available to all Telewest digital TV customers, and does not require any extra equipment.

Philip Snalune, director of product management and marketing at Telewest Broadband, said,

“Teleport puts the viewer in control of the TV schedule and, with BBC Broadcast’s barker channels and search facility, it will be a truly intuitive customer experience.”

The new owner of BBC Broadcast, Creative Broadcast Services, is owned by Macquarie Capital Alliance Group (65%) and Macquarie Bank (35%).

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