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Compro's VideoMate Vista E900F TV tuner landing in the UK later this month

by Parm Mann on 7 July 2008, 15:49

Tags: VideoMate Vista E900F, Compro

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Taiwanese manufacturer of TV tuners, Compro Technology, has announced that its latest TV tuner card, the all-singing all-dancing VideoMate Vista E900F, will be available in the UK later this month.

The E900F, pictured below, is a PCI-E tuner with dual DVB-T and analog TV/FM card functionality. It features an on-board Philips processor, providing hardware MPEG-1/2/4 encoders and hardware noise reduction.

The tuner can receive 1080i broadcasts where available, so you can look forward to tuning into BBC HD, and it'll work in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows Vista.

It'll come bundled with a Microsoft-certified remote control, and Compro's DTV software. Showing some extra love for Vista, Compro also throws in a Sidebar Gadget that'll let users watch live TV, check listings and schedule recordings - though, that gadget only works with Vista 32-bit, bummer.

Nonetheless, Compro describes the VideoMate Vista E900F as "the most professional TV card choice for the video enthusiasts", and gives it this lengthy list of key features:

  • Dual DVB-T and universal analog TV reception with FM radio
  • Dual hybrid TV tuners provide D+A, D+D, or A+A viewing and recording simultaneously
  • The advanced NXP (Philips) dual-channel multimedia processor comes with hardware MPEG-1/2/4 encoders, PAL & NTSC 3D Y/C Separation, and Hardware Noise Reduction
  • Bundled with Microsoft certified remote control for Windows Media Center of Vista Premium/Ultimate and ComproDTV 4
  • All-new ComproDTV 4 software with Vista Gadget, DTV Add-In, and Windows Media Center schedule recording list integration.  ( Vista Gadget & Compro DTV Add-In are meant for Vista 32 bit operation system only)
  • High-Speed PCI Express x 1 interface for improved performance
  • Digital TV supports SDTV and 1080i HDTV (where available)
  • Supports SAP(MTS/NICAM)/Stereo in analog TV
  • Compro exclusive S5/S4/S3 mode Power Up Scheduled Recording
  • Supports Dual tuner scheduled recording
  • Convenient remote controlled power on/off
  • Hardware timeshifting for instant live TV replay with minimal CPU utilization
  • Advanced PIP/POP feature can open up to 6 TV channel windows
  • Video Desktop can setup the live TV screen as wallpaper
  • Customisable channel order, properties, and my favourite channel list
  • Straight-to-Disc recording for analog and digital TV
  • MPEG-2/Transport Stream record/playback in digital TV
  • Supports digital EPG, subtitle, & Teletext (not support MHEG-5 in UK)
  • Splits recording file size for different media in analog TV (only under software encoding)
  • Supports Composite, S-Video and Component (480i ~ 576p) input
  • Certified for Windows Vista 32/64 bit

Compro tells us the E900F will be readily available in the UK market by the end of this month, and early indications point to an £85 price-tag.

Official product page:

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It will be difficult to get BBC HD with this card as it is for terrestrial TV, and BBC HD is on satellite !!!!
It is also unlikely to support HD on terrestrial when it becomes available after the Analogue Switchoff as that is likely to need DVB-T2