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New iPhone 7 Collection from Element Case

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High end, Ultra-Premium Cases that set the bar for Design and Performance

Element Case, the premier designer of luxury accessories for smartphones and tablets, has announced its new line of cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.w line of cases for 2016. with the impact absorbing Poron liner means an even stronger finish.

There are three new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus additions to the Element Case collection- CFX and Black Ops, firing out from the ADRENALINE Series, and Aura from the LUXE Collection.

The Element Case ADRENALINE Series is built around high-performance designs, aerospace grade materials and field ready protection.

The all-new CFX, featuring RFCTM (Reinforced Frame Construction), combines genuine aerospace grade carbon fibre with a rigid polycarbonate subframe, to create a chassis that resists twisting and bending. The CFX frame is co-molded with a proprietary TPU top and bottom crown design to provide extreme protection where it’s needed most and passes the US Military SPEC standards for drop testing. CFX is available in four new colours; black, blue, orange and white/red. RRP £24.95.  

The totally re-designed best-selling Black Ops case raises the bar in covert protection. The new Black Ops also features RFCTM, combining CNC machined aluminium side rails and a CNC machined G10 armour back plate, making this case a vital part of your field ready tactical gear. The case also features Quick Lock CrownsTM with proprietary co-molded elastomer, a modular/adjustable belt clip that locks into the back plate and passes US Military SPEC standards for drop testing. Black Ops will only come in its signature black. RRP £139.95.

The LUXE Collection, designed to create allure, is built out of exotic materials and offers premium protection to match an upscale lifestyle.

The latest addition to the LUXE Collection is the updated Aura – a case offering more than just sleek modern styling. Its multi-piece construction is engineered to provide serious protection in a slim profile. The rigid polycarbonate chassis guards against bending, with shock absorbing TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) crown liners on the inside, providing impact protection that surpasses MIL-SPEC standards for drop testing. Proprietary high gloss UV paint are added to provide protective finishes that keep the Aura looking fresh and new as ever. The new Aura is available in four colours; mint, deep blue, deep red and black. RRP £24.95.

Element Case delivers products that boast:

  • Innovative Design
  • Precision Craftsmanship
  • Exotic Materials
  • Uncompromising Protection

For more information see www.elementcase.com

The new iPhone 7 range from Element Case is coming soon and will be available to buy from Amazon.co.uk.

About Element Case:

Element case is the pioneer lifestyle brand providing ultra-premium accessories for mobile devices. Rare and exclusive, owning an Element Case product signifies a desire to accessorise as best in class. Nothing compares to the high quality and innovative designs of a genuine Element Case product.