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X-Doria Introduces the Defense 360 Protective Case for iPhone 6

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New protective shield covers front, sides and back of the iPhone without compromising its looks

26TH JULY 2016 – X-Doria, a leading manufacturer of fashion-forward accessories designed for mobile lifestyles, introduces the Defense 360 for the iPhone 6/ 6S. Designed to provide a stylish complement to your iPhone, the clear protective shield completely encases the front, sides and back offering a lightweight yet comprehensive protection for your entire device. Available from Amazon for £19.95.

The Defense 360 is an industry first; the hard injected case offers full protection whilst still allowing total control of iPhone's multi-touch screen. Apple fans who don’t want to spoil the look of their iPhone with a thick coloured case can now rest assured that there is an option that doesn’t hide the sleek Californian design but will still protect their treasured device.

The tough polycarbonate construction simply snaps together providing all around protection from scratches, marks and other hazards without compromising the iPhone’s iconic looks. The shield is only 1 mm thick, 0.5 mm on each side, so iPhone users will barely notice its presence whilst still keeping the device in pristine condition.


- Full screen protection and full touch control after the protection is applied

- Protects your device fully - front, sides and back

- Defence against scratches and accidents

- Two-piece shell design easily snaps on for a secure fit to your iPhone 6

For more information on X-Doria’s iPhone case collection, please visit http://xdorialife.com.

About X-Doria:

X-Doria is a leading innovator of fashion-forward and technology accessories for mobile lifestyles. Based in Santa Monica, X-Doria incorporates the city’s warm and vivacious design in its iPhone, tablet and Apple Watch accessories. With its approachable and customer-centric design, the company’s mission is to consistently push the boundaries of innovation. Using a focused approach that rapidly tracks changing style trends, X-Doria responds with the best, top-of-the-line designs and military-grade protection. X-Doria’s marquee products continue to lead the way in mobile accessories for a new generation of style-conscious mobile consumers. Its products can be found at major retailers, with select distribution around the world.

Learn more about X-Doria at www.xdorialife.com

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