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Pong Research gets tough with its Rugged series of cases: Tough on phones, gentle on people

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Rugged case is made of polycarbonate chassis to protect the phone as well as reducing radiation exposure up to 94% below international safety limits

29 August, 2012, London: Pong Research Corporation, maker of the world's most technologically advanced iPad and smartphone cases, today launches the Pong Rugged series for iPhone, offering the best protection for people and phones.

Pong Rugged is a collection of cases that protect phones with its tough case, whilst offering improved signal strength and battery life at the same time. The Pong Rugged case also offers the best in protection to the user by reducing cellular radiation exposure by up to 94% below international safety limits.

Built on a tough polycarbonate chassis and encased in resilient hard rubber, the Pong Rugged series provides durable protection and shock absorption. The Pong Rugged case has been designed to provide an outstanding grip for the active user, as the product has been drop-tested from a height of 8 feet onto concrete without damage to the phone or case.

The Pong Rugged case uses the same technology as the classic series.  It provides users with improved signal and fewer dropped calls, and increases talk-time battery life by up to 1.3 hours--all whilst reducing users' cellular radiation exposure by up to 94% below international safety limits.

Most users of mobile phones are unaware that over 50% of the radiation emitted by mobile phones can be absorbed into the head and body. The absorption of this "near field" energy not only disrupts the signal necessary for the phone to communicate with a cell tower, but also underlies increasing concerns among physicians, scientists and lawmakers who believe this exposure to be a health hazard.

Pong has developed the first patented technology that is proven in certified laboratories to protect the mobile device's signal strength. This technology also redirects cell phone radiation away from the user, by up to 95% below international safety limits as measured on the Specific Absorption Rate or "SAR" scale.

Being Rugged doesn't mean being boring so Pong has created the case to come in a choice of colours including: black, red, deep purple blue or white.

Darcy Dinga, Pong VP & GM comments:  "We are thrilled to launch the Pong Rugged series, demonstrating our commitment to create solutions that protect both phones and people. The Rugged case was developed following consumer demand from health conscious users who lead active lifestyles. We are excited as this is the first step in a series that will evolve to protect other smartphones."

Pong cases are the creation of an international team of scientists with unique expertise in the fields of plasma physics, environmental science, electrical engineering, antenna design and health sciences.  Among their breakthrough discoveries, Pong's scientists gained an understanding of how to "redirect" radiation through the use of electromagnetic field interactions--the very science now embedded into every Pong case. 

Today Pong is a global leader in solutions that protect users of mobile phones and other wireless devices from the potentially harmful effects of radiation exposure. 
Pricing: from £63.50 available from

About Pong Research

Pong Research is the world's first and only maker of technologically advanced iPad and smartphone cases that improve device performance and protect users against cellular and Wi-Fi radiation.  Compared to standard iPad and cell phone cases, Pong's cases have been proven in independent laboratories to improve reception, increase range, conserve battery life, accelerate download and upload speeds, and reduce a user's exposure to electromagnetic radiation by up to 95% below international safety limits.  Developed by a team of PhD scientists trained at MIT, Princeton, Harvard and the University of Manchester, all Pong cases are embedded with a multi-patented antenna system that redirects the electromagnetic radiation that would otherwise be absorbed by the user's head and body.  Available in more than 55 countries, Pong cases are easy to put on and take off, come in a rainbow of fashionable colors and styles, work anywhere in the world, and may be purchased at and - with prices starting at £39.99. For more information, visit