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Carphone Warehouse is introducing some great deals and reductions to start the New Year on a high. There are great value for money offers on some of the best smartphones and tablets on the market. Following the season of giving, treat yourself to some great deals on the newest technology at Carphone Warehouse. The sale will start on 23rd December, online, and 26th December in store.



HTC ChaCha

From £7.99 per month. Saving £200 (50 mins, 150 texts, 250mb data) or £119.95 SIM Free, Saving £80.

The HTC ChaCha is the ideal social networking smartphone. It is quick and easy to share photos, upload statuses and keep in touch with friends and family. The comfy keys on the QWERTY keyboard are evenly spaced for e-mail or text, whilst the Facebook chat widget allows you to see who's online and ready to chat. Staying in touch was never easier with the HTC ChaCha.


Samsung Nexus S from Google

From £15.50 per month. Saving £325 or £199.95 save £200.

This phone encapsulates everything about Google; it's fast, fluid, and full of all the latest innovations. It sports a large 4" Super multi-touch AMOLED display which is bright, crisp and clear. The 1GHz Hummingbird processor works together with a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), for effortless multitasking and a greater gaming experience. The large 16GB memory gives your media collection room to grow. In addition to this, dual cameras and flash support for websites enables you to carry out internet calling. Nexus S is the first phone to have Android 2.3, adding to its already impressive list of features. The Nexus S is slicker and smarter than any other Android phone to date, exclusive to Carphone Warehouse.


BlackBerry PlayBook

16GB: NOW £169 WAS £399 Saving of £230
32GB: NOW £199 WAS £479 Saving of £280
64GB: NOW £329 WAS £559 Saving of £230

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet features an ultra-portable sleek design and delivers industry leading performance powered by QNX technology. Multitasking heads the list of sophisticated features, making it possible to read an email, watch a film, listen to music, surf the web and chat with friends over BBM all at the same time.

For Internet lovers, there's support for Adobe Flash Player to give uninterrupted web browsing and video streaming using the in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, while for the business-minded, the preloaded Documents To Go software lets users work with spread sheets and Word files. Plus, BlackBerry PlayBook cleverly links up with BlackBerry smartphones over Bluetooth with the Blackberry Bridge software, enabling people to respond to their BlackBerry smartphone emails in real time on the tablet's larger display.

Packed with HD multimedia capabilities, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet also comes with two cameras - a front facing 3 megapixel camera and a 5 megapixel rear facing one, each capable of recording 1080p HD video. In addition, there's exceptional support for media playback and video calling, which can show contacts in brilliant clarity on the tablet's high resolution display.

HTC Flyer

WIFI: NOW £289.99 WAS £479.99 Saving of £190
3G: NOW £389.99 WAS £599.99 Saving of £210

The HTC Flyer is a tablet for everyone. It's powerful, compact and easy to use. With the 7" touchscreen and HTC Scribe pen, it is ideal for editing, making notes and retouching favourite photos. For those wanting to save time HTC Timemark can take an audio snapshot of any meeting and play it back whenever it is needed.

With a safe kids mode and simple, intuitive controls it's a tablet that all the family can use and with access to the newest Android apps and games the children will be entertained for hours. Featuring HTC watch, an on demand movie streaming and downloading service, it sports the newest technology whilst also ticking the box for creative minds and those on-the-go.

Available from Carphone Warehouse or 0800 925 925

Carphone Warehouse is the largest independent mobile phone retailer in the UK, with over 800 stores nationwide.
Discover how to get more from your gadgets with eye openers from Carphone Warehouse. Eye openers is a YouTube channel which features videos of Carphone Warehouse team members sharing useful hints and tips on everything from laptops to Sat Navs to the latest mobile phones. With new videos being added each month, users can search through hundreds of videos at