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Huawei uses the AI in its P20 Smartphone

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The world’s first photography competition judged by AI and a Leica photographer

Huawei, the global technology leader, today announces a photography competition to spark a renaissance in photography and discover the next stars of Western Europe’s photography scene, as rated by the HUAWEI P20 Pro’s AI and Alex Lambrechts, a top Leica photographer.  The campaign is the latest activity for the HUAWEI P20 Series launch campaign and brings to life Huawei’s leadership in AI photography. 

“We have trained the AI in our P20 Pro smartphone to understand what makes an amazing photo” explains Andrew Garrihy, CMO Huawei Western Europe. ‘This innovation is helping us to identify emerging creative talent across Europe and showcase their photography potential to others. ” 

Budding photographers will be encouraged to submit their photography by some of Europe’s most influential opinion leaders, chosen for their passion for photography, art and design. Photos can be uploaded via an interactive Chatbot on FB Messenger and will be reviewed and rated using the AI algorithm on the HUAWEI P20 Pro. Trained using 4,000,000 images taken by professional photographers and picture editors the AI will then give each photo a personalised AI score based on parameters such as focus, jitter, deflection, colour and composition.

The competition, which is open to the public, launches on 12th July and runs for 8 weeks and will feature five different themes over the course of the competition, including ’A New Renaissance’, ‘After Dark’ and ‘Deep in Detail’. A prize will be awarded for the best photograph within each theme, giving entrants five chances to win a HUAWEI P20 Pro[1]. The top overall winners (10 in total) will ultimately be selected to win a trip to Italian art capital Florence, home of the Renaissance, to attend a Leica photography masterclass.

The photos captured in Florence will then be judged by Huawei’s AI and a top Leica photographer, and for one lucky winner, there’s the ultimate prize of being whisked away for a grand tour across three of Europe’s most picturesque countries. The best photos from the competition will be sold to raise money for a local charity.

Huawei worked with FCB Inferno to develop this Western Europe campaign.

For more information on Huawei’s ‘Spark the Renaissance’ competition, please visit:

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[1] 10 winners, one from each of the 10 Western European markets, will be selected for each theme, totalling 50 winners in total across five themes. From the 50 winners, the best 10 will be selected to win a trip to Florence.