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Introducing Threal, the world’s first 3D app and phone case line

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Taipei, Taiwan – November 28, 2017 –  Theia, a leader in 3D technology, is pleased to introduce the Threal app and phone case line for the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X. Now, for first time ever, users can take, view and share 3D pictures and videos with just a few taps. No glasses required. The Threal app and the first of the Threal phone cases, the snap-on T-Wrap, are set to be released in January 2018.

Threal app and cases combine 3D photography and 3D viewing

Threal is the first app in the world that is able to capture pictures and videos and immediately display them in 3D. When seen through the phone case’s transparent cover, the pictures and videos jump off the screen in true 3D. For those without a Threal phone case, the Threal app can also create Twerkies (Harry Potter-like moving pictures), with only a single picture required. 3D creations and Twerkies can then be easily shared on the Threal app's social platform.

Industry-leading 3D technology

The Threal phone cases and app leverage Theia’s Lightfield 3D technology to provide features not found anywhere else. No more having to stay directly in front of the screen, as the 3D viewing angle is an expansive 120 degrees. Plus, the patented 3D algorithm provides a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, eliminating dizziness caused by past 3D solutions. Even the intensity of the 3D can be adjusted for individual pictures.

2D-to-3D deep learning

Theia is also developing 2D-to-3D deep learning to transform existing 2D content, like movies and video games, to glasses-free 3D.

CES 2018

Theia’s 3D is best experienced in person. To see it live at CES 2018, come visit our booth, #52748-6, inside the Taiwan Tech Star exhibit in the Sands Expo.

About Theia

Theia provides cutting-edge 3D technology at affordable prices, so everyone can enjoy creating and viewing 3D content. Backed by Stanford-developed technology, Theia also provides deep-learning for automatic 2D-to-3D processing, to quickly and accurately generate 3D content. For more information, visit  www.theia.tw or our YouTube channel at  goo.gl/QTXPVy.