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Wileyfox and Amazon celebrate continuing partnership

Tags: Wileyfox, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)

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London, 13/09/17 – To mark the arrival of Amazon’s Alexa assistant on Wileyfox smartphones, a limited-edition bundle will be exclusively available via Amazon which includes a complimentary Amazon Echo Dot while stocks last.

Customers purchasing a Wileyfox Swift 2 X for just £219.99 via Amazon from 13 September 2017 will not only have access to Amazon Alexa via their smartphone, but will also receive an Amazon Echo Dot worth £49.99, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of a smart connected home.

This unique offer is the first time there has ever been an Amazon Echo included with a smartphone and comes as the latest step in the ongoing partnership between Wileyfox and Amazon.

The two brands have created this one-of-a-kind bundle to celebrate the wider Alexa partnership which will arrive on the Wileyfox Swift 2 range of smartphones soon and become the most affordable way to get Alexa on a smartphone.

Wileyfox smartphone owners will be able to benefit from hands-free interaction with over 15,000 Alexa Skills available, with support from Uber, Phillips Hue, Nest, Domino’s and many more.

In addition, with the Amazon Echo Dot, customers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of having a fully connected smart home which all their family can utilise whether the Wileyfox handset is nearby or not.

Amazon’s lauded home assistant device also offers the ability to enjoy music, podcasts and entertainment either through its built-in speaker, or via 3.5mm connection to your existing home audio system. Owners can also connect their Wileyfox Swift 2 X to the Amazon Echo Dot and use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

The Wileyfox Swift 2 range of smartphones will soon offer the lowest cost option for customers to interact with Alexa on their smartphone, with prices from just £159.99/€169.99.

Naeem Walji, CMO, Wileyfox said: “Hot on the heels of our recent announcement that we have brought Amazon Alexa to our smartphones starting with the Swift 2 range, we are absolutely thrilled to be launching the first ever smartphone and Amazon Echo Dot package in the UK. Not only will Wileyfox be the first brand ever to retroactively bring Alexa to an already-available phone, but we are now offering new owners a connected home device as well. The added versatility offered by having Alexa on your Swift 2 X, and by having the Amazon Echo Dot available as a smart home assistant or Bluetooth speaker is incredible – and I look forward to hearing about the innovative ways our customers use them.” 

The Wileyfox Swift 2 X is available directly from Amazon for £219.99. The first 7,000 orders made after the offer launches on 13 September 2017 will receive a complimentary Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon’s Alexa will be available on the Swift 2 range following a software update. 

What is Wileyfox?

Say hello to the smartphone that’s challenging the status quo. Born in London in 2015, the company started from the desire to shake up an industry, notoriously dominated by a few big players to offer real freedom and choice to customers. 

We’re passionate about constantly pushing the bar and challenging the established way of doing things to deliver value, independence and choice to our users. Our mission is to use technology to create a more open world for everyone.

Our devices offer open software, free from irrelevant bloatware and prescriptive functionality allowing users to customise their devices around their unique lifestyles. Our smaller workforce and agile approach to developing devices means we have the freedom to curate the best technology from around the world, which ensures we are always delivering a product that exceeds expectations, not budgets.