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Push through the last stages of Marathon training with Ranieri’s clients

Tags: Jabra, OverBoard, Etymotic, Scosche

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It's less than a month till the London Marathon and keeping yourself motivated when running for miles can be tough, but luckily Ranieri has solutions to your training problems!

From headphones to workout technology there is something to keep everyone going as the finish line draws closer.

Jabra Sport

£99.99 l Available from

The Jabra SPORT Bluetooth (wireless) headphones make it possible for people to listen to music and take calls during workouts, all without tethering an exerciser to their mobile or music device with an unwanted wire. The headset features a wind-shielded microphone and is US military standard rain, dust and shock certified. The ergonomic behind-the-ear design, as well as three different pairs of ear gels ensures that Jabra SPORT has both a secure and comfortable fit.

Overboard Smartphone Case and Waterproof Earphones

Smartphone Case £22.49, Waterproof Earphones £19.99, Combo deal £39.99 | 

Anyone that just can't survive five minutes without their favourite tunes, will love this 100 per cent waterproof Smartphone and MP3 case from Overboard. The case fits a whole range of different devices including all models of the iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, HTC and Samsung Galaxy phones. Users can listen to their music during their training, even in the rain. With a tough, padded design that floats if dropped in water, this waterproof smartphone and MP3 case and earphones are the perfect accessory for marathon training. 

Etymotic MC3 and AWARENESS! app

£80 l  Available from

The MC3 is the world's most accurate-sounding noise isolating earphone series in its price bracket. These popular Apple®-branded mobile products enhance the audio performance and listening comfort. For an additional £70 users also have the option to upgrade to the custom-fit earpieces for the perfect fit.

The newly launched ‘AWARENESS! for Etymotic' app, "listens" to users' external surroundings and channels any noise louder than normal background sounds directly into the earphones. This extra application keeps the user updated on important sounds in their environment which is great for those summer getaways whether you're chilling on the beach or waiting at the airport and is free for all Etymotic customers.

Scosche myTREK

£99.95 l Available from Apple Online store and

The Scosche myTREK is a pulse monitor and app for iPhone and iPod touch. The myTREK allows users to track their pulse, count calories, calculate distance, speed and pace.  The myTREK also allows users to store past workouts to ensure each exercise session is monitored and improved. Work out data can be stored on the device and viewed in the app's calendar to track which days the user worked out and what was accomplished during each individual workout.