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Omate announces the Omate Rise - The World’s First Smartwatch 3.0

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December 1st, 2015 – Omate® announces the Omate RiseTM available in exclusivity for 48 hours on Indiegogo from Monday December 7th, 2015.
When you combine new-age technology with trendy compact design, you get the Omate Rise.
Over the last two years, Omate has been designing innovative wearable technologies that have been shipped out all over the World, from the World’s first standalone Smartwatch 2.0 powered by Android™ to fashion companion smartwatches with Richline Group, a Berkshire Hathaway company, and refined smart jewelry with Fashion House – Emanuel Ungaro.
The Omate Rise is a revolutionary Smartwatch 3.0: a merger of both Bluetooth® Low Energy companion Smartwatch 1.0 and telecom standalone Smartwatch 2.0.
“We are so excited to unveil the Omate Rise as the flagship product of our 2016 Wearable Tech Platform. We are delighted to team up with Indiegogo for this World’s First 48hour crowdfunding campaign. It’s a rendezvous with our community of users made of pioneers and innovators who share the same vision as Omate. Says Laurent Le Pen, Founder & CEO at Omate.
No Compromises
The Omate Rise features unmatched technologies with Android™ 5.1 Lollipop open source to developers, 3G connectivity compatible with US (1900MHz) and EU (2100MHz) frequencies, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy capable to connect both iPhone and Android smartphones via dedicated apps.
Leave Your Phone Behind
As an unlocked standalone smartwatch, the Omate Rise is more than just a Bluetooth accessory as it can also connect to the 3G network.

With the Omate Rise, you can track fitness, call, receive text messages, emails, social media notifications and run apps and other Internet tasks without needing to pair with your smartphone or be connected to Wi-Fi.
And because it’s on your wrist, the Omate Rise follows you wherever you go and allows you to enjoy a pure Smartwatch 3.0 experience.
The Rise is the World’s First 1 ATM water-resistant smartwatch sporting a carbon fiber bezel.
The Omate Rise runs on full AndroidTM 5.1 Lollipop and Omate User Interface 4.0. Omate will release the Source Code of the Rise to developers via its XDA-Developers page alike the TrueSmart+ Source Code that is now available for the Developer Community.
It’s time to Rise!

The Rise is powered by a 3G Dual-core 1.2Ghz ARM Cortex-A7 processor, and an ARM Mali-400 MP GPU.

It also features a capacitive touch panel on top of a 1.3” Innolux full round display with a resolution of 360x360.
Super Early Birds will be able to back the Omate Rise from $199 instead of $349 MSRP for a unique 48 hours crowdfunding campaign on the Omate Rise Indiegogo page from Monday December 7th at 10am (EST) New York, NY Time.
Super Early Birds Backers will also get a free BLE Heart Rate Monitor chest belt powered by Nordic Semiconductor ($49 MSRP). The HRM can be connected to the Omate Rise via dedicated HRM apps making it ideal for sport enthusiasts.
Back the Omate Rise on Monday December 7th from 10am (EST) New York, NY Time and be part of the Smartwatch 3.0 Revolution.

Why a 48 Hour Crowdfunding Campaign?

Because we want this to be a one-of-a-kind event. Disruption is part of Omate's DNA and we are giving our community such an awesome deal during this 48h window; we want to thank our loyal community which has been following Omate over the last two years.

See it like a rendezvous with our community of pioneers and innovation lovers. 
Our goal is to raise $30,000 in order to launch the tooling of the carbon fiber bezel. We are launching the Rise on Indiegogo to add this awesome feature on top of this revolutionary smartwatch.
  • Omate will offer incredible discounts for the 48 hour campaign which starts on Monday, December 7th
  • Super Early Bird perks start at $199 (compared to $349 in the retail)
  • These 48 hours limited edition units will come with serial numbers engraved on the back plate.
  • Backers will be the FIRST in the World to wear the Rise from End of March 2016 (compared to June 2016 in the retail)
  • Super Early Bird and Early Bird units will come with a Free Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor powered by best-in-class Bluetooth partner - Nordic Semiconductor (MSRP: $49)
To summarize: Save the date in your agenda, Monday December 7th, 2015 and set your alarm to 10am (EST) New York, NY Time. if you want to be sure to get a limited edition of the Omate Rise – Smartwatch 3.0 before anyone else on Indiegogo.

About Omate:
Omate® is a hardware and software company that designs wearable fashion tech products. Omate offers a complete Hardware and Software turnkey solution platform allowing Fashion and Jewelry brands to design the Fashion Tech of the 21st Century. Omate is a 500startups backed company that operates as a vertically integrated wearable design manufacturer based in Mountain View – California and Shenzhen - China.
For more information please visit: www.omate.com 
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