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“Making Ideas” with Wacom Bamboo Spark: Capture, Shape and Share

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Berlin, Germany - 4 September 2015 (IFA Show) – Today, Wacom® introduces Bamboo Spark, the smart folio that allows people to take handwritten notes to capture, shape and share ideas. Once written on the notepad in Bamboo Spark, no idea is ever lost. With the push of a button, Wacom’s new product synchronises what has been written or sketched on the paper to the Wacom Cloud, storing it for later refinement.

From Paper to Cloud to Life

Bamboo Spark brings note-taking into the 21st century by offering a convenient way to capture ideas in both physical and digital ink to save them for further editing. “Bamboo Spark is the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates the freedom and simplicity of working with pen on paper to take written notes and share ideas,” says Mike Gay, senior vice president for Wacom’s consumer products. “Whether a busy professional, connected student or passionate hobbyist, Bamboo Spark goes where you go, giving you the freedom to choose when and how you capture ideas. From note-taking in the classroom to sketching out a home remodeling project, Bamboo Spark provides a simple way to capture your concepts on plain paper and with the push of a button, effortlessly move your ideas to the cloud for editing or sharing.”

How it Works

Bamboo Spark marries the tactile joy of a traditional inking pen with the company’s core digital pen technology in a smart pen and smart folio. The product allows users to write and sketch with Bamboo Spark’s traditional ink pen on most A5 (148 x 210 mm or5.83 x 8.27 inches) paper. The smart folio’s EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) board, which communicates with the Bamboo Spark pen, has the same technology found on Wacom’s branded professional products, offering proven, near-perfect digital input. 

The getting started process is incredibly user-friendly. Simply download the Bamboo Spark app on an iOS or Android device with Bluetooth® Smart technology. Next, pair the device with the app and start making ideas happen. Every stroke is saved within the app by simply pushing the button in the center of the device, saving up to 100 pages even in offline mode. Refine and edit notes in the Bamboo Spark app or export them to Bamboo Paper, Evernote or Dropbox. The free Wacom Cloud account provides users access to content across devices. Charge the Bamboo Spark folio via USB for approximately eight hours of continuous use. Bamboo Spark’s pen combines traditional ink with the company’s state of the art EMR technology, allowing for traditional ink on paper to be converted instantly to digital content.. Ink refills are available on the Wacom estore, and should allow for up to three months of use.

Introducing the Internet of Ink

Bamboo Spark draws its strength from Wacom’s distinctive and interconnected ecosystem. The Bamboo Spark app is responsible for the digital capture and transfer of hand-written notes and sketches directly to a paired smartphone or tablet. Light editing can be performed within the Bamboo Spark app. For users looking for a more robust editing experience, Bamboo Paper, Wacom’s premium note-taking application, allows tablet users to further enhance their digital work thanks to WILL™ universal ink. WILL, the Wacom Ink Layer Language, is a soon-to-be industry standard that offers handling of pen input (strokes) regardless of software, hardware or operating system.

The hub for all creative thoughts, notes and sketches is Inkspace. Inkspace is a web portal that allows users to see and organise their content in one place, also accessible from desktop or laptop computers. Files can be saved in .WILL, .jpg or.pdf format. Outside the Wacom ecosystem synchronisation is also possible with apps like Evernote or Dropbox. 

“In 2016, Wacom will continue to build advanced software features into Bamboo Spark such as handwriting recognition and other leading-edge applications,” says Gay. “This is a product that will keep up with user demands and change with the evolving needs of the customer.”

Availability and Pricing

Bamboo Spark comes in three models, all priced at $159.95 (USD), €159.90 (EUR)*, £119.99 (GBP)*. Bamboo Spark with gadget pocket, featuring a carrier for smartphone, pen, business cards and paper; Bamboo Spark with tablet sleeve, made with premium neoprene, provides room for a tablet and/or smartphone, pen and paper; and Bamboo Spark with snap-fit for iPad Air 2, specifically designed for the iPad Air 2, pen and paper. Ink cartridges are available in packs of three for $9.99 (USD), €9.90 (EUR)*, £7.99 (GBP). Bamboo Spark and its accessories are expected to ship in October from Wacom’s eStore, Amazon and other electronic retailers. 

*All prices in EUR and GBP incl. VAT.

For more information on Bamboo Spark, please visit the product page: http://bit.ly/1NJPK9s