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It’s not just athletes that are on the move this summer as workers prepare to go mobile

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Office workers can make mobile working more productive with Ranieri's round-up of essential gadgets

Transport for London is warning that throughout the 2012 Olympic games, there will be an additional million people per day using the underground. As a result, many of London's commuters have been advised to make alternative working arrangements in order to avoid excessive congestion in the capital.

Boris Johnson recently branded these new working arrangements a "skiver's paradise" but Ranieri has a few suggestions to ensure that work productivity levels are kept high for anyone working from home during July and August.  

Twelve South HoverBar - £69.95 / Available from the Apple Store

The HoverBar is a great alternative for anyone that is used to using more than one monitor whilst in the office. Simply connect the iPad to your home computer to make it easier to collaborate on video conference calls, monitor stocks and interact with apps, websites and documents.

Henge Dock MacBook docking stations - Prices range from £59.99 / Available from

Great for any Mac users who's home office space is limited, the Henge Dock allows users to dock their MacBook Air or Pro in a verticle position and connect and disconnect all peripherals in a single motion -  minimising the footprint of the computer and reducing cable clutter.

Disgo 9104 tablet - £179.99

Tablets have become a necessity for anyone working in a mobile office and the disgo 9104, offers an incredible amount of features for an affordable price of  £179.99.

Running on a Android 4 platform (Ice Cream Sandwich), this compact and functional tablet contains the latest in tablet technology (a 9.7'' capacitive IPS display and a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution), so acts as a great alternative to the computer or laptop.

Jabra SUPREME UC - £99.99 / Available from

The Jabra SUPREME UC is the perfect companion for mobile and internet calls. As well as providing users with incredible sound quality and the ability to stay connected whilst on the road, or in the home office, the SUPREME UK also connects to most Bluetooth enabled devices. With the Jabra SUPREME UC, workers can now take calls at home from their smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Pong iPad, iPhone Blackberry and Android cases - From £39.99 / Available from

Pong's iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android compatible cases are the first on the market that boost 3G/4G reception, increase signal strength and improve download/upload speeds - all whilst reducing a user's exposure to radiation.

NUU ClickMate - £59.99 / Available from

The PowerPlus is a slim, detachable battery case that boosts the iPhone's ‘juice' for an additional 22 hours. A necessity for anyone that will be making numerous calls during their working day, the PowerPlus is a slimline accessory that doesn't distract from the beauty of the iPhone.

Wacom Bamboo Duo stylus - £24.99 / Available from

If either an Android or iOS smart device is used during the working day, then computer or tablet users should consider the Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo.

With a premium ball-point ink pen at one end and a stylus at the other, this product is the ideal tool for writing, drawing or doodling in both a digital and analogue world. This stylus also comes with a free app called ‘Bamboo Paper App', which is great for taking notes and writing during conference calls.

Booqpad - Prices start from £41.66 | Available from

The Booqpad combines the iPad case and the notepad into one handy solution. Great for individuals that like to incorporate up-to-date technology and traditional tools into their workflow, the Booqpad also has discreet slots to store business cards and pens.

Scosche freeKEY - £35 / Available from

The Scosche freeKEY is a flexible, wireless keyboard for the Apple iPad and other Bluetooth enabled tablets.  The water resistant freeKEY is perfect for working on the go, has a range of up to 30 feet and rolls up for easy storage in a backpack or handbag. The silicone freeKEY supports Bluetooth 2.0 and is compatible with Windows, Android and Mac OS X operating systems.  

Jabra CLIPPER - £49.99 / Available from

The Jabra CLIPPER is a stylish, convenient and functional clip-on device that is ideal for every music-loving mobile worker. The CLIPPER enables users to listen to music wirelessly and effortlessly, while flicking between work calls and music. Excellent sound quality, smooth Scandinavian styling, as well as 6 hours talk time and 8 hours standby time, proves the device to be an essential tool for mobile workers.

Maroo Otago - £54.99 available from

The Otago is a case for Apple's wireless keyboard. This black, flip-top case offers two typing positions, with corner straps to hold the folio open or shut. Ideal for business travelers or keen iPad users, the Otago also contains Maroo's patent-pending Safe Guard (SG) BumperTM Technology, which not only protects the keyboard when it's dropped, but also protects the corners of the  device.

be.ez LE reporter - MacBook Air 11" is £49.95 and the MacBook Pro 13" and 15" is £69.95 l Stockists

Acting as a fantastic accessory to store all valuables whilst moving between the home, office or business meetings,  this waterproof, canvas-coated, travel-friendly bag features a main compartment which is elevated from the bottom and features an elastic strap to provide protection from bumps and knocks when carrying or if dropped on a surface. Boasting ample storage space, the LE reporter features a velcro-secured flap with zipped pocket on the front for fast access to documents, such as a wallet, passport or work pass.