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Pure launches universal charger kit; charge your phone or Kindle via Pure bedside radios

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Users can now charge their phone or Kindle via their Pure bedside radio with the new Pure USB universal charger kit (SRP £14.99). The charger kit can be plugged into any Pure bedside radio with a PowerPort, which includes Siesta iDock, Siesta Flow, Chronos iDock Series 2 and Chronos CD Series 2.

Twilight (SRP £139.99), Pure's combined bedside digital radio and wake up light also has a PowerPort and now comes with the USB universal charger kit as standard.

PowerPort provides power for USB accessories solving the problem of having insufficient power points next to the bed.

The universal charger kit comes with a handy carry case, retractable cables to keep everything tidy and is compatible with the majority of mobile phones including Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and other devices including the Amazon Kindle. iPhones can also be charged via PowerPort using the standard iPhone cable (not included).

Click here to read the full article: http://insider.pure.com/index.php/product_launches/pure-launches-universal-charger-kit.