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Wacom adds a splash of colour to the Bamboo Stylus.

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Premium design, new soft-touch finish and elegant colours draw on strong pen heritage

Following the successful launch of its original Bamboo Stylus in April, Wacom today announces its new range of coloured pens matching Apple's iPad Smart Covers.

Available in white, blue, green, orange and pink, the coloured Bamboo Styluses are a perfect match for all iPad owners seeking the must-have device for content creation. While retaining the premium design and feel of the Bamboo Stylus, users can enjoy using the iPad for note-taking, annotation, drawing, sketching and visual thinking.

With the proven precision nib, which is up to 25 per cent slimmer than its competition, Wacom now also offers exchangeable nibs to suit the usage needs of iPad owners. Beside the soft standard nib, alternatives, such as more solid, robust nibs will soon be available on the market.

The pen coating's shiny, soft-touch finish exudes the premium quality which Wacom is renowned for. While simple, the appealing design continues to express the company's unmatched heritage in pen input devices.

Complementing the Stylus perfectly is Wacom's popular Bamboo Paper app. The app, which is free of charge, received more than a million downloads within 11 days of launch earlier this year. It is ideal for realistic and intuitive note-taking and sketching. With the launch of Bamboo Paper's free version, which is perfect for desktop use with a Wacom tablet, all Paper notes can now be shared between iPad and Mac or PC to offer a complete user experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Elegant colour options to match the Apple iPad Smart cover (white, blue, green, orange and pink)
  • Smooth soft conductive rubber nib for best pen-on-screen feeling
  • Improves experiences with applications for note-taking and sketching
  • 25 percent slimmer tip than main competitors (6mm vs. 8mm)
  • Exchangeable pen nib
  • Weight-balanced design
  • Compatible with all media tablets using the same capacitive touch technology as the iPad
  • 9mm pen barrel
  • 120mm pen length
  • Pen weight: 20g

Bamboo coloured Stylus Availability and Pricing

Available from, Bamboo coloured Styluses are priced at £24.99 (price includes VAT) each. 

Find out more about Bamboo Stylus at  or have a look at the product video on Bamboo Europe's YouTube channel at

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About Wacom

Wacom Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of Wacom Company, Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange 6727). Founded in 1983, Wacom is a global company based in Japan with subsidiaries and affiliate offices around the world to support marketing and distribution in over 150 countries. Wacom's vision to bring people and technology closer together through natural interface technologies has made it the world's leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays, and digital interface solutions. The advanced technology of Wacom's intuitive input devices has been used to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, special effects, fashion and designs around the world and provides business and home users with their leading interface technology to express their personality. Millions of customers are using its cordless, battery-free, pressure-sensitive pen technology.

The company also offers its products as OEM solutions to leading manufacturers serving incremental markets. Wacom's interface technology, called Wacom Feel IT Technologies, is also offered as an integrated solution to strategic partners. Most Tablet PC manufacturers count on the advanced features and reliability of the brand to deliver a superior user interface experience.