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Livescribe makes its pens even smarter: Wikipedia app comes to the Echo Smartpen and introduces database capability

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Available in the Livescribe Application Store, the Wikipedia app is available in English and German versions. The German app contains more than 100,000 articles, with the UK bringing access to more than 250,000 articles. Both versions of the app highlight the enhanced processing capabilities of Livescribe's smartpens.

Once the application is launched, smartpen users write down any word or term they want to look up and then read the definition on the smartpen's OLED display. They can then easily read the abstracts for their search term and even follow the links within the entries to drill deeper into a topic and its related keywords.

While the launch of the Wikipedia application is a major step in Livescribe's continued efforts to increase the power of its smartpen platform, it is also an important milestone in positioning the company and its services as a solution provider for managing information. Based on ARM9 processor and proprietary programming, Livescribe's smartpens can handle and make available databases and other contents of up to two million data sets as of today. Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and specialised lexicons, e.g. for medicine, law or foreign languages, can now be provided on pen and paper with the Pulse and Echo smartpens.

"Livescribe has always strived to enhance communication and the way information is managed and accessed", comments Anne Marie Bourcier, EMEA Marketing Director, Livescribe. "The new Wikipedia applications further enhance the existing set of features of the Livescribe smartpens and easily leverage the power of Wikipedia on pen and paper."

Using the brand new application, owners of the Pulse and Echo smartpens can easily access the knowledge and information available

Livescribe's Echo and Pulse smartpens capture everything consumers hear and write and provide easy access to important information by simply tapping on written notes directly on paper or on a computer using the Livescribe Desktop software. Notes and audio are also searchable via the free software. Consumers can easily share an interactive copy of their synchronised notes and audio or ‘pencasts' with others as a .pencast file or via Livescribe's online community.