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Logitech Brings Harmony to Christmas

Tags: Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI)

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LondonDec. 18, 2009 — The ideal image of a Christmas Yule log burning in the hearth as an affectionate family settles down to a hearty dinner in front of The Sound of Music has long been erased by the reality of fired-up kids, frayed tempers and fights over the remote control. Nevertheless, a study commissioned by Logitech does offer a ray of hope for a harmonious Christmas – at least where the remote control is concerned – revealing that 87 percent of Europeans and 83 percent of Brits favour negotiation, sharing or letting one member of their family keep control of their entertainment, rather than arguing over it.

This year, families across Europe appear committed to a more harmonious holiday by not fighting over control of the TV remote. According to the Logitech study, undertaken by Lightspeed Research, only four percent of Europeans will choose to pick a fight over the remote control. Instead, 20 percent will try and negotiate their way to getting control of it for at least part of the evening and a further one in four won’t even try to win control at all. In the UK, a quarter of Brits will use negotiation as a way to gain control; while just under one in 20 (four percent) would even use flirtation tactics to gain the upper hand. Just under a third (29 percent) would not even try to gain control of the remote, letting their family members choose the day’s entertainment instead. 

The remaining 43 percent of remote control European peaceniks vary in their responses – most agree on what to watch and share the remote control, although some have more elaborate reasons for their harmonious household. One respondent admitted, “The cat I live with still can't use the remote control,” and another declared, “I give [my partner] some booze so he falls asleep!”

Logitech’s survey also asked respondents what button they would like to add to their ideal remote control this Christmas. The washing up emerged as the top Christmas headache, with over 40 percent of Europeans and 55 percent of UK respondents asking for a button to fast-forward the chore. Second came a request to put the family on pause after Christmas dinner. Other requests also wished for a harmonious Christmas, peace, love and, of course, snow.

“Logitech commissioned the survey as part of its ongoing research into how our consumers use remote controls in their households, especially at times like Christmas when people turn to their televisions and other forms of home entertainment,” said Michel Landman, Logitech’s European product manager for Harmony advanced remote controls. “It’s heart-warming to hear there’ll be more peace in the living room this year!”

 “We would like to think that the presence of our Harmony remote controls in households across UK will contribute in some small way to a more peaceful Christmas – you need only press a single button to control all your devices and watch TV, listen to music, play a game or enjoy a film!” commented Toby Williams, Logitech Business Development Manager, Consumer Electronics - UK & IRE.

You don’t need complicated lists and long explanations about how to use your home-entertainment system anymore; the Harmony family simplifies your entertainment with one-touch activity-based control. The Logitech Harmony® One remote control, available now at a retail price of £169, can have you watching your favourite film, listening to music, playing a game or enjoying your favourite programme with one press of a button.