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Test your brain age with the Sharp ‘Brain Trainer’

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London, 12 October 2009 - Sharp Electronics has launched the EL-T100W ‘Brain Trainer’, a stylish, modern desktop calculator with a difference – it helps train your brain. Containing fun drills that research has shown enhance brain function and keep the mind in good working order.

Maths wizards can calculate their brain age with the EL-T100W using a unique in-built brain training technology that has similar functionality to the Nintendo Brain Age©. The two special drills include the brain fitness measurement, which gives the user a brain age score by referencing statistical results based on real user performance data, and the maths quiz, which stimulates the user’s brain by solving arithmetic problems. After solving all the problems, the user’s score is displayed along with the time it took to complete a choice of 25, 50 or 100 questions.

The Brain Trainer also tracks accuracy by recording up to 30 records of correct answer rations and complete durations are stored. Users can expect to find all the standard calculator functions, including TAX calculation, sign change, right shift, percent and double zero.

Key features:

  • Unique brain training logic built-in
  • Similar functionality to the Nintendo Brain Age©
  • Power Saving feature (auto power off after 7 minutes without operation)
  • The perfect desk accessory
  • 10 digit large LCD display
  • Modern white design
  • Slant display for easy viewing
  • Dual power
  • Weight 128 g

Kawashima, R et al (2004) A functional MRI study of simple arithmetic… Cognitive Brain Research 18, pp 225-238

The EL-T100W is designed to ideal for regular office or home use but portable and light enough to fit inside any briefcase or laptop bag. Accessible for whenever there’s time to keep that brain in top condition.

The EL-T100W is now available at a RRP of £13.49.  More information can be found at www.sharp.co.uk/education