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Visual Thinking with Wacom's free Bamboo Paper premium

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Teachers, students, and visual thinkers working and collaborating from home can now enjoy the premium features of Bamboo Paper software for free. 

Wacom now offers FREE premium features of Bamboo Paper software across all platforms. In these times where people are adjusting to working, learning and teaching from home, the popular sketch and notetaking app gives them more easy-to-use options to communicate, take notes, express themselves creatively and bring their visual thinking quickly online.

New ideas or complex thoughts are often easier to explain and understand when they are visualized. Simple graphs and little sketches can make a big difference while brainstorming, mind-mapping or studying maths and sciences. What used to be a scribbled on a whiteboard or written on a sticky note by teams working face-to-face, now needs to be shared to virtual teams by email. Bamboo Paper along with a Wacom stylus or the attractively priced Wacom One pen display, can enable easy digital sharing without the need to scan, or recreate in typed words. 

Stay home, but keep sharing your ideas

Bamboo Paper turns smartphones, iPads and tablets into a digital notebook. The app is also perfect to use with Wacom’s Bamboo Ink or Ink+ accessory digital pens that work with a wide range of pen-enabled PCs, Wacom One or Cintiq creative pen displays or Wacom Intuos or Intuos Pro tablets. Bamboo Paper is so easy to use that sketching, drawing and taking notes becomes as simple and straightforward as using pen on paper or a marker on a whiteboard. Bamboo Paper is available for Android, iOS and Windows and can be downloaded for free on the respective app stores.  

From 1 May 2020 to 30 June 2020 users of Bamboo Paper can unlock all premium features as a free of charge in app purchase and keep them permanently. This so-called Pro Pack (or Creative Pack in iOS) includes 6 different pens and brushes, more colours as well as 4 premium notebooks with a total of 22 different paper styles. It is the most popular extension for Bamboo Paper and normally costs around 5 USD / EUR (prices vary slightly between platforms and currencies). 

More tools and practical advice

More information on easy to use tools for working, learning and teaching from home can be found in our Wacom @ Home series on the Wacom Blog. It includes 5 helpful tips how to use Bamboo Paper ad lots of practical advice for virtual brainstorming, digital whiteboarding and online schooling.

About Wacom

Wacom’s vision to bring people and technology closer together through natural interface technologies has made it the world’s leading manufacturer of interactive pen tablets and displays as well as of digital styli and solutions for saving and processing digital signatures. The advanced technology of Wacom’s intuitive input devices has been used to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, special effects, fashion and designs around the world and provides business and home users with their leading interface technology to express their personality. Founded in 1983, Wacom is a global company based in Japan (Tokyo Stock Exchange 6727) with subsidiaries and affiliate offices around the world to support marketing and distribution in over 150 countries. For further information about Wacom and its products see also http://www.wacom.com.