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Google Assistant voice control comes to your Somfy Smart Home

Tags: Somfy, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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  • You can now use Google Assistant voice control to operate all your Somfy Smart Home products
  • “Open Curtains!”
  • Control your entire home by talking to it, using simple Google Assistant commands. 

London, June 6 - Somfy, specialists in smart home and the automation of roller shutters, awnings, curtains and garage doors, today announce that smart home systems TaHoma™ and Connexoon will now work together with Google Assistant. With this new integration, you can control all your Somfy Smart Home applications using your voice. This partnership reflects the Somfy vision of enabling everyone to control smart home products easily. TaHoma and Connexoon are Somfy smart home systems that can now be used with Google Assistant.

Controller in your pocket

Many people already have Google Assistant with them every day, because it is installed as standard on many Android smartphones and tablets. The application is also available for iOS devices and can be integrated in various Google products, including Google Home and the Google Home Hub. This means that when you use one of these products, you can immediately start controlling and configuring smart home products that are linked via Somfy TaHoma™ or Connexoon.

Mark Pekelharing, Smart Home Manager at Somfy expects a lot from the integration with Google Assistant: “An increasing number of people are using voice control and finding how this makes life easier. You can now open the curtains or play music with just one command.”

Stand-alone or scenario?

Somfy offers users the opportunity to configure their own scenarios with which they can set multiple actions in motion using just one command. For example, you can switch the lights off, close the curtains and close the awnings by giving the simple command: ‘Start Watch Film scenario!

Besides implementing your personal scenarios, it is also possible to control individual smart home applications via Somfy, in combination with Google Assistant. This makes it even easier to close your curtains or control your lighting.

More partnerships

The partnership with Google Assistant is part of Somfy’s strategy of making smart home products increasingly accessible and being open for integration with products from other brands. As well as the partnership with Google Assistant, Somfy is also working with Amazon Echo and the smartphone applications Olisto and IFTTT.

About Somfy

Somfy’s leading smart management solutions for homes and buildings have been improving people’s daily lives for over 50 years. Developed with comfort, ease of use, security and sustainability in mind, our innovations automate and connect rolling shutters, curtains and blinds, gates and garage doors, lighting and heating, alarms systems and more. We are committed to creating useful solutions that are accessible to all, designed for today and beyond.

About Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant, developed by Google. The product was introduced in May 2016 and is the successor of Google Now. Google Assistant is currently available in nine languages within EMEA: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.

For more information about Google Assistant, visit