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Lenovo Smart Display UK launch

Tags: Lenovo (HKG:0992), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Following on from its launch earlier in the year Lenovo has confirmed the UK availability of the Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant™. With a vibrant full HD touchscreen display (on the 10-inch) and wrapped in a minimalist, modern design, the Lenovo Smart Display is the ideal home companion for families  on go who need easy-to-use, time-saving technology.

The ideal command centre for any home, the Lenovo Smart Display is the hub for managing a busy home. With its bright 10-inch screen, see at a glance the whole family’s schedule with a shared Google Calendar and quickly see who will be where, while also keeping track of important reminders. The Smart Display also makes multi-tasking a breeze, the high quality front facing video camera allows video calling via Google Duo™ to friends and family or connects to other home smart devices to see who is at the door while doing the dishes or catching up on other jobs – all controlled with a simple “Hey Google”.

Controlling the home and entertaining family and friends with brilliant sound and stunning quality YouTube™ the Lenovo Smart Display is the ideal device for any modern home and for all busy households. 

The Lenovo Smart Display’s clean, organic design blends into your home and adds a modern touch to it. Available in a soft grey or natural bamboo, it matches most wooden, glass or granite worktops. The smart display can be positioned horizontally or vertically to fit nearly any space. When not in use, the smart display doubles as a digital picture frame –  showcasing an ambient screen of beautiful pictures from a personally selected album in Google Photos™, or another background image of your choosing. 

The 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display will be introduced at £229 and the 8-inch model will be at £179. There will be pre-order special offers starting at £159 from participating retailers. The product will also be available to buy now from today on

Top ten reasons why you need a Smart Display

1. Routines, streamlining your life with what matters when it matters

With a simple “Hey Google, good morning” or “Hey Google, good night” the Lenovo Smart Display can perform routines or a list of helpful actions that play automatically when a single command is said. For example, the Lenovo Smart Display gives you a snapshot of your day in minutes, including a 5-day weather forecast, your daily schedule, the traffic on your route to work and major news stories. With Voice Match – a Google Assistant feature – the device can recognise up to six voices and each will receive personalised results with voice-match technology according to their programmed routine. 

2. Endless YouTube™

The Lenovo Smart Display has a practical screen to play video tutorials such as how to fix a leaky tap. No more relying on listening and asking to repeat step-by-step instructions, or looking for that long-lost user guide.  Or just keep the family entertained with their favourite TV shows.

3. Visual recipes on demand

Why is the kitchen one of the best places for the Lenovo Smart Display to sit? It guides you through recipes with the full list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. For example, just ask the Assistant how to make chicken noodle soup, and it recommends the most popular recipes, then reads out and shows step-by-step how to create the final dish. You can pause as you go with just your voice - never losing your place again or dirtying the screen when your hands are covered in sauce. 

4. Better background entertainment

The Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant shows you the latest playlists from Google Play™ Music and Spotify™ and its 10W speaker can fill up a room with sound.

5. Hands-free video calling

The Lenovo Smart Display has hands-free calling over high-quality video through Google Duo™ using just your voice. The Lenovo Smart Display’s screen is bigger and easier on the eyes for video calls than on a phone, and altogether more convenient when your hands are full. Needless to say, video calling with Google Duo works not only from one Lenovo Smart Display to another, but also from the Lenovo Smart Display to a smartphone, and vice versa. The Lenovo Smart Display can seamlessly rotate from landscape to portrait mode during a Google Duo video call to capture your best angles. And when you’re not using it for calls, there’s a physical mute button and an integrated TrueBlock Privacy Shutter for increased privacy.

6. Monitor your smart home

The Lenovo Smart Display connects with over 5,000 smart devices, security systems and your Nest Cam™, then you can ask Lenovo Smart Display to show you a live feed of your child’s room using the Nest Cam IQ™ or even see who’s ringing the front doorbell.

7. Shows your calendar

It’s so much easier to get a full view of your day through a glance at the display and keep track of your reminders.

8. More useful Google definitions (like upgrading from the radio to TV)

“Hey Google, what is a kohlrabi?”

“According to Wikipedia, kohlrabi is a biennial vegetable, a low, stout cultivar of wild cabbage…”

Often answers are much better seen than heard. You can also ask the Google Assistant to show you anything on the Lenovo Smart Display: ask for French restaurants nearby, and Google Maps™ will help you discover some local suggestions in the neighbourhood. 

9. Relive your memories

When in ambient mode the Lenovo Smart Display is a digital picture frame showing pictures from a curated album within a Google Photos account. With a quick, “Hey Google,” the Lenovo Smart Display can effortlessly switch between saved albums too.

10. Better mic

The Lenovo Smart Display’s dual-array mics can pick up a voice from up to eight meters away, so you don’t have to interrupt what you’re doing to change a playlist or start a routine.

Check out a video tour of the Lenovo Smart Display here.