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Wileyfox teams up with Mudho in new winter fitness bundle

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London – 18th October. British smartphone manufacturer Wileyfox is announcing a new innovative partnership with MUHDO – a world leader in DNA profiling for fitness and healthy lifestyle benefits.

The developing partnership will see the two technology companies join forces to advance consumer awareness of the benefits of genetic profiling to offer personalised healthcare and fitness plans.

The first step in this partnership is a truly world-first offer, bundling a MUHDO Genetic Blueprint DNA kit worth £249.99 free with the Wileyfox Swift 2 X (£209.99) – exclusively via Amazon

Wileyfox Swift 2 X owners will be able to take a simple mouth swab, dispatch it to MUHDO and receive a personalised report covering 78 important markers for health, fitness and nutrition and, crucially, insight from their experts allowing this information to be turned into actionable advice and healthy living plans.

This offer is more than simply great value – as the Swift 2 X offers features and technology to make your fitness regime and healthy lifestyle more enjoyable and easier to track. In the near future, Wileyfox and MUHDO will launch a fitness application that offers owners bespoke advice based on their unique DNA profiling, available on their Wileyfox handset.

Whatever a user’s current level of health or fitness goal, the MUHDO Genetic Blueprint DNA kit will help them achieve faster results from building muscle mass, losing weight or improving their overall health. The meticulous DNA analysis provided by MUHDO removes the guess-work by equipping users with unique knowledge of how their body works and which diet and fitness routines will work best for them.

The offer is available from 18th October 2017 via while stocks last.                

Nathan Berkley, CEO of MUHDO, said: “Far too many people are spending far too much time on diets and workouts with nothing to show for it. With MUHDO, we can not only reveal why those workouts don’t work, but we can give our users advice on active steps they can take if they want to see positive results. This can only be done when you understand an individual on a genetic level. We’re happy to partner with Wileyfox as they share our passion for improving lives through better access to information. This partnership will go a long way to help place our ground-breaking tech in the hands of many people who need it.”

Naeem Walji, CMO of Wileyfox, said: “We believe the world is a better place when everyone can get access to information that improves their wellbeing. This information could come in all forms, and there is perhaps none more vital than one’s own DNA profile. We’re proud to announce this partnership at a time when more people are interested in understanding their genetic make-up and using that intelligence to lead healthier lives.”

Wileyfox’s Swift 2 X features two Full HD cameras (16MP rear and 8MP front), dual SIM functionality, fingerprint recognition, 5.2” Full HD display and an incredibly sharp image quality with 424ppi. The Swift 2 X utilises a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor and Octa-core 64-bit CPU making it an efficient processing powerhouse. With a clock speed of 1.4GHz it allows users to multitask through fluid interfaces and graphics without consuming too much power. It has an onboard memory of 32GB and 3GB RAM, plus expandable memory up to 64GB via microSD. 

About Wileyfox

Say hello to the first smartphone that’s truly open. Wileyfox was born in 2015 from the desire to challenge an established industry, notoriously dominated by a few big players. We decided it was time to put the control back where it belongs - in the user’s hands. By making our technology open and accessible, we’re offering a device that suits everyone’s unique lifestyles. No longer will people be held back by over-the-top costs and unnecessary bloatware. Wileyfox is passionate about exceeding expectations, not budgets. This is the technology revolution that demands more innovation, more customisation and more transparency.