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Y-cam Skill enables Alexa control of Protect Alarm

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2017: Y-cam Solutions, a leader in smart home security since 2007, announces Y-cam Skill enabling Alexa control of Protect, a complete Triple Layer™ smart security system designed to actively monitor your home and reduce your chances of becoming a victim of burglary. Simple to set up, the Y-cam Skill provides greater control using voice activation to manage your Smart Home Security. 

Simple to control and greater peace of mind

The Y-cam Protect Skill allows you to control your Y-cam Protect alarm system using the intelligent personal voice assistant Alexa. So, you can control your Y-cam smart home security and experience peace of mind. For additional security when disarming your Protect alarm via Alexa you will need to say your 4-digit PIN number.

Just download the Y-cam Skill from the Y-cam website and then say: “Alexa, tell Y-cam to…” This will activate Alexa and engage your Y-cam Skill and Protect Alarm System. You then can select from different options including On/Off or Arm/Disarm or Home Mode. If disarming the alarm for the first time, the Y-cam Protect Alarm intelligently knows you have not set a PIN, it will ask you to select a 4 Digit Number and then ask for this each time you which to disarm using Alexa voice control commands.

Packed with features to deliver intelligent Smart Home security

  • PIN protected – using a secure voice PIN
  • Smart voice interaction control
  • “Alexa, turn my Y-cam Alarm ON/OFF”
  • “Alexa, tell my Y-cam to ARM/DISARM”
  • “Alexa tell my Y-Cam to Select Home Mode”

Established in 2007, Y-cam Solutions Ltd is an award-winning British technology company specialising in easy to use and affordable smart security solutions for the non-technical consumer. Customers can buy with confidence, knowing that the product they own today will only get better over time. Our technology is being updated regularly and these new benefits are passed directly to our customers. Over the last 12 months Y-Cam has released new functionality on average once every 7 weeks, including many new features for free. 

Y-cam Protect is available from www.y-cam.com for just £149.99

*SIM back up requires Plus Service Subscription

Established in 2007, Y-cam Solutions Ltd is a British technology company specialising in home security and cloud-based security cameras for the non-technical consumer. To date the company has processed over one billion customer videos, operating in 38 different countries with hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Y-cam provides a range of solutions including Wi-Fi enabled cameras that offer premium, affordable video monitoring to help users protect their property and loved ones. Y-cam solutions can be positioned around the home to let users know what's happening when they’re not there. Y-cam solutions offer a fully-managed cloud recording service, with the last seven-day video history being stored securely offsite for free, ensuring the camera is all you need for added peace of mind.