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ADATA releases the X7000 power bank

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Stylish, innovative design and powerful portable charging

Jan 4, 2017 – ADATA® Technology, a leading manufacturer of highperformance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products, today launches the X7000 Power Bank. As the model name suggests, the device is rated for 7000mAh. The X7000 features dual USB ports for efficient battery top-up of two devices at once. Its stylish design employs the finest components and smart circuitry to provide multiple protective measures, made of highly durable materials to increase fire and impact resistance. A bespoke hairline-brushed aluminum textured surface combined together with tough plastic side panels resulting in a unique look which differentiates the X7000 from other power banks. With a choice of three colours, the X7000 is a premium power charger on-the-go for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It is available with an RRP of £41.

Functionality into fashion

While power banks are often thought of as generic, practical items, the ADATA X7000 power bank is a work of art itself. The combination of a durable aluminum surface with tough plastic panels dissolves differences in texture into one unmatched visual experience. This innovative power bank is resistant to scratches, chipping and fingerprints smudges. Weighing a mere 210g and measuring 12mm in thickness, the X7000 can fit into narrow, small spaces. The X7000 is available in three distinct colours to match different smart devices: Titanium grey, blue, and red. A bright white LED status indicator provides at-a-glance charge capacity information, as well as a low-charge caution.

Quick and efficient charging

The X7000 includes two USB ports, providing a total output of 2.4A as needed by connected devices. The dual ports allow users to charge two mobile devices simultaneously, and can fully recharge a smart phone three times and a tablet once, providing enough power to watch and shoot videos on the mobile devices, take photos and surf social networks. 

Built durable inside out

With all ADATA products, safety is the priority and more so with power banks. Meticulous circuit and wire engineering provides six-faceted protection against excessive heat, voltage, current, charge, and discharge. Externally, the shell uses tough, fire-resistant polycarbonate that has been IEC 60950 impact resistant-certified for safe portability in diverse environments.


ADATA Technology, one of the world’s largest vendors of DRAM modules and USB flash drives, provides complete solutions, including memory cards, solid state drives, and portable hard drives. ADATA products also include on the go power for mobile devices and the company is now a major provider of advanced LED lighting. ADATA products continue to garner international acclaim from organizations such as iF Design Awards (Germany), red dot Awards, CES Best of Innovations Awards, Good Design Awards (Japan), Best Choice of Computex Awards, and Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards. The company’s slogan of Love, Life, Dreams embodies the ADATA brand and the role of innovative memory products in the human pursuit of universally-cherished ideas. For more information, please visit www.adata.com.