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TV Tuner licensing laws – know the facts

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TV Tuner licensing laws – know the facts

Did you know that TV licensing restrictions cover the sale of TV Cards for PC’s as well as TV sets?

Milton Keynes, England, May 3rd, 2005

AVerMedia, the world-leading manufacturer of digital multimedia products, recommends that all resellers of computer based TV solutions take note of the TV licensing obligations covering their sale.

AVerMedia can confirm that TV tuner cards are classified as TV receiving devices and therefore retailers need to notify TV Licensing of their sale or rental within 28 days of sale. Information on how to do this can be found at www.tvlicensing,co.uk/dealers

Chris Reed, TV Licensing spokesperson, commented, “It has been our experience that people who use emerging technologies (for example computers or mobile phones) to receive television programme services are likely to already be covered by their existing TV licence. If anyone would like more information on TV licensing, they should please call us on 0870 241 5590. Dealers who are unsure about their legal obligations, should call our Dealer Helpline on 0870 242 4449.”

For users this means that they must have a TV licence for their primary residence in order to use a TV tuner on their PC/Laptop, in their home or on the move. A TV licence held at a primary residence also covers laptop users in places such as on trains, in cafes or hotels if they are solely running off of a battery. However, if a user is using a laptop that is plugged into the mains whilst on the move, they will require an additional licence.

If a device is used in a second home, an additional TV licence for this property must also be held, for example, a student will require a licence to use a laptop as a TV receiver at their term time address as it is assumed that the laptop will be powered by the mains.

Exceptions to the rules include using a laptop on a train/airplane/boat whilst powered by the mains as a primary licence permits use in any vehicle used for touring from place to place. Users can also use a laptop as a TV receiver whilst running off the mains in such places as hotels or cafés – but only by utilising an existing valid licence, therefore, if the hotelier has a valid licence for the room you are staying in you do not require an additional licence. For further information on the TV licensing laws, please visit http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/information/secondhome.jsp

“We hope this information clarifies the laws for all,” says Bentley Lo, Business and Development Manager, AVerMedia UK. “AVerMedia urge customers that are still unsure of the laws to contact TV Licensing for clarification.”