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Plex Live TV Updates and New Features

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On the heels of last week’s news that live TV is free for the next three months, Plex just rolled out several improvements and new features to live TV, making it significantly faster, more customizable, and easier to navigate. 

Highlights are:

  • Major program guide improvements, including a better overall aesthetic, faster scrolling, and picture-in-guide views (picture-in-guide is available on Android and Apple TV) so you never lose sight of what you're currently watching while looking at the channels guide, or setting a new recording   
  • Chromecast support is available now on iOS, and Android supportis expected in the next few weeks 
  • Easier recording and closed caption access, with new controls on the play screen, you can do more without missing a moment of your current program (note that this feature is currently available with the brand new Live TV player for Android TV and mobile, as well as Apple TV, with more platform support planned for the future)
  • New hubs, gathering similar kinds of programming together so you can see what movies are coming on later or what your kids can watch. These hubs are available on Android, Apple, Roku, and the Plex web app
  • General watching improvements include: Greatly reduced channel tuning time (from 12+ seconds to a few), fixes around “watch from start,” seeking while watching live, resuming in-progress recordings, improvements to genre-specific recommendations, and a new quick access to recently-watched channels across various platforms, most notable Android, Apple, Roku, and the Plex web app  

The official blog post is here https://www.plex.tv/blog/making-television-more-televisionary/