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Philips expands Design Range of ultra-stylish DECT home phones with the addition of two new models

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Innovative design combines with superb call and build quality to offer the ultimate calling experience for all budgets – just make sure only friends and family have your home number!

Philips will continue with its strategy of using style and quality to revive the popularity of the DECT phone with the addition of two new models - the M1 and M3 - to the existing three-model Design Range.

All of the models focus on being both better to look at and all-round that bit nicer to use. Thanks to Philips style the humble and utilitarian DECT phone need not be the only choice, while the Design Range also capitalises on the many consumers who have begun to realise that home numbers should be limited strictly for friends and family.

The concept for Philips Design range started from a simple point: that the modern mobile phone, handset design has become, well, a bit similar, be it a black or silver, plastic or metal rectangle. And by being designed to do many things they often don’t do the one thing really well – making calls!

But it’s time for a change as the new Philips entry level models, the M1and M3 join the previously released M5, M6 and M8 in the Design DECT range to add a touch of originality and elegance to the living room.Like the previous models, they offer simple - yet beautiful - ergonomic designs and a high sound quality delivering an enjoyable calling experience.

Philips’ Design phone range now includes the M1 (Scala), the M3 (Linea), the M5 (Mira), the M6 (Luceo) and the M8 models. The two new models as well as the M5 are available at Argos and Selfridges while the M6 and M8 models are available from John Lewis and Selfridges, and range in price from £40 for the M1 corded phone to £129 for the top end M8 in a wood and white finish version.

The M1 (Scala)

The M1’s modern design, eco friendliness and excellent sound quality transform the art of communication into a stylish experience. It offers a superior connection and is simply to use.

The Scala corded phone features a High contrast, 7cm (2.75") white on black reverse display, a hands-free mode and a perfectly weighted handset for longer calls.

Available at Selfridges, Argos and Amazon for £39.99.


-        Can be placed on a table top or mounted on a wall Ultimate safety and reliability

-        Secure connection at any time, even during power cuts

-        Event LED alerts you to missed calls Smart, simple and easy to use

-        High contrast, 7cm (2.75") white on black reverse display

-        Speakerphone allows you to talk hands-free

-        Save up to 25 favourite contacts in your phonebook

-        Caller ID - so you always know who is calling

-        Privacy protection with silence mode and mute mode

The M3 (Linea)

Elegance and simplicity have been brought together in this beautifully designed cordless phone. The Linea’s slender design and compact footprint make it space efficient and its minimalist stature stands out in any interior.

Available in white finish, the Linea offers an amazing sound quality that results in voice quality so crisp and natural it is almost like having the caller there in person.

The Philips Linea design cordless phone is on sale at Selfridges, Argos and Amazon for £44.99.


-        Precisely adjusted magnetic force ensures secure docking

-        Calibrated keys for accurate dialling

-        Extra weight integrated in the base for greater stability Ultimate calling experience

-        High contrast 4.1cm (1.6") 2-line reverse display

-        Advanced sound testing and tuning for superb voice quality

-        Handset speakerphone allows you to talk hands-free

-        Save up to 50 favourite contacts in your phonebook

-        Enjoy 16 hours of talk time on a single charge Eco-conscious product

-        Zero power emission when ECO+ mode is activated

The M5 (Mira)

The Philips Mira space shuttle shape positively challenges conventional perceptions about telephone design.

The large 4.1cm (1.6") 2-line graphical display is easy to read and the comfortable handset and speakers have been designed for longer calls. Its sleek silhouette and glossy fingerprint-resistant finish will fit perfectly in the most stylish interiors. 

The Philips Mira design cordless phone is on sale at Selfridges, Argos and Amazon for £69.99. 


-        Durable, glossy and fingerprint-resistant outer shell

-        Charge handset either way around

-        Smart cable management

-        Ultimate calling experience

-        Up to 30 min. message on your answering machine

-        Easy to read, 4.1cm (1.6") 2-line graphical display

-        Handset speakerphone allows you to talk hands-free

-        Save up to 100 favourite contacts in your phonebook Eco-designed

-        Zero power emission when ECO+ mode is activated

The M6 (Luceo)

Iconic in every way, the Luceo phone offers sensual lines in a modern design.

A high contrast, white-on-black reverse LCD display on the handset ensures easy reading and a secondary display on the base blends into the minimalist design with ease and shows a caller ID and clock.

Sound quality is simply amazing thanks to Philips acoustics engineer’s specifying high quality components, the latest digital signal processing and a precise acoustic enhancing design, to ensure an ultimate calling experience for voice clarity.

The Luceo is available in black or black and white and is on sale in John Lewis, Selfridges and Amazon for £79.99.


-        Secondary display on the base shows caller ID and clock

-        Charge handset either way around

-        Calibrated keys for precise dialling

-        HQ-Sound: high quality acoustic engineering for superb sound

-        Handset speakerphone allows you to talk hands-free

-        Privacy settings: call block, silence mode, call barring

-        Up to 30 minutes of messages on your answering machine

-        Zero power emission when ECO+ mode is activated

The M8

This elegant phone is a mix of simplicity and sophistication, melding sleek aesthetics with intuitive function.

Materials such as real red oak wood and die cast metal have been specially selected to ensure a high quality finish, while offering both visual and tactile appeal.

Particular care has been given to the sound quality while a comfortable fit in the hand and to the face, makes it a dream to use for longer phone calls.

The M8 Black is available in John Lewis, Selfridges and Amazon for £99.99 and the white and wood model for £129.99.


-        Wide range of unique ring melodies to choose from

-        Large, high contrast 2.0" TFT colour display

-        Easy-to-dial keypad with white backlight

-        250 name phonebook

-        Answering machine with up to 60 minute recording

-        Up to 18 hours of talk time

-        Up to 250 hours of standby time

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