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Mobile phone users risk losing treasured data in the ‘upgrade crunch’

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April 12th 2010 -- Nearly half of all mobile phone users ditch their handsets after just one year, placing thousands of valuable files at risk, according to Kingston Digital Europe Ltd, a subsidiary of Kingston Technology Corporation, the independent world leader in memory products, today announced

A study carried out by the memory product manufacturer found that 43% of mobile phone users trade in their handsets every 12 to 18 months, with a further 12 per cent revealing that they upgrade after just six months.

This ‘upgrade crunch’ is placing increased importance on expansion memory, which can offer a simple transition between old and new phones. Over a third of respondents revealed that they already use memory cards, but Kingston Technology is warning that this number must rise if prized data is to be kept safe. Furthermore, with convergence accelerating, many phones now offer high quality cameras, as well as MP3 and video download capabilities. As such, expansion memory is more relevant than ever, allowing mobile phone users to back up files simply and reliably.  

Key findings uncovered by the research include:

-    61.4% of mobile phone users do not back up data
-    41.9% have been forced to delete photos, music and other media
-    67.2% use mobile phones to take pictures
-    33.9% use mobiles to store and listen to music

Kirsty Miller, consumer marketing manager at Kingston said: “With so many phones being frequently swapped for the latest models, it’s easy to leave photos, music, contacts and other data stranded on retired handsets. This situation is made even more pressing as the latest phones demand even greater storage capacity for the high quality features they now offer.”

“The simplest and most effective way to transfer data to a new phone, and ensure that it has sufficient memory to take full advantage of all the features, is to use expansion memory. Flash-based storage really is the only way to sidestep the ‘upgrade crunch’.”

To eradicate any potential headaches caused by the ‘upgrade crunch’, it’s important to select a card with adequate capacity, and Kingston Technology can cater for all needs thanks to its vast range of expansion memory products. To simplify the exchange of data between mobile devices, Kingston Technology provides the MobileLite Reader, a compact and portable memory card reader.

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About Kingston Digital Survey
Kingston Digital’s survey on mobile phone usage was a result of an online questionnaire, conducted to a 1000 consumers in the UK by Ciao Survey, part of Toluna plc, a leading global online market research panel and survey technology company .The goal of the survey was to learn more about mobile usage amongst consumers, as well as the general awareness that consumers have of the existence of flash card to expand the memory capacity of feature-rich mobile phones.

About Kingston Digital, Inc.

Kingston Digital, Inc. (“KDI”) is the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products. Established in 2008, KDI is headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, USA. For more information, please call +44 (0)1932 738888 or visit