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SJCAM Launch New ION Series

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SJCAM, the action camera manufacturer who eased its way in to the market with the release of the SJ4000, is pleased to announce the launch of its new ION-series. Designed for those who want to capture their adventures this new line of cameras consists of three models, namely, Carbon 4K, Totem 4K, and Krypton 4K UHD. 

Following on from the success of SJCAM’s SJ8 Series, the ION Series features impressive tech and specifications perfect for adventure lovers and thrill seekers who want to capture their journey. Each camera features built in WiFi for connecting to a smartphone or tablet for viewing recorded files via the SJCAM Zone app. All 3 cameras can be used as dash cams and both the Carbon 4K and Krypton 4K UHD can record up to 4K at 30fps. The lightweight, slim design makes them perfect for any activity, whilst the included waterproof housing is capable of keeping the cameras waterproof up to 30m deep.

Carbon 4K:

The Carbon 4K model features a 2” LCD screen for easy viewing of footage and images. The 70°HD wide angle lens will record 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps or 30fps and 720p at 12-fps, 60fps or 30fps. Images can be captured up to 16MP resolution and battery time is 70 minutes. RRP £65.99

Totem 4K:

The second camera in the ION Series, the Totem model features a 2” LCD touch screen and a 166°A+ HD wide angle lens, external microphone  and image stabilization (Gyro). With up to 80 minutes of battery life, Totem will record 4K at 24fps (interpolated), 2K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps or 30fps and 720p at 120/60/30 fps. The field of view can be set to wide, middle or narrow, making sure you get the footage you want.  RRP £119.99

Krypton 4K UHD:

Sporting a 170°lens that features 2 glass aspherical lenses to help improve edge-to-edge sharpness and clarity. With external microphone and 3-axis gyro stabilization, the Krypton model boasts the ability to record 4K and 2K at 30fps, 1080p can be recorded at 60fps to 120fps, while 720p can be recorded at 120fps or up to 240fps. Battery capacity is around 100 minutes giving you plenty of time for videos or photos. RRP £215.99

Never miss a moment with the new ION series from SJCAM. 

The Carbon 4K, Totem 4K and Krypton 4K UHD will be available in soon in chain stores across Europe. 

For more information on the ION Series, visit

About SJCAM:

Founded in 2011, SJCAM has gained worldwide recognition following the release of their SJ4000 with its simplicity and rock-solid performance at a very competitive price. The company now focuses on producing advanced camera products, while providing excellent customer support, SJCAM’s commitment to excellence has made brought them to advance their technology to innovative changes into their SJ8 Series range including dual microphones, 6-axis gyro stabilization, 8x digital zoom and a 2.33 inch In-Plane Switching (IPS) display, shows their persistence on creating top-notch products that fit into people’s action-packed lives, without having a big price tag.