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Visualise the music with Philips’ new Nitro range

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Philips’ new headphones and sound tower add an extra dimension to the audio experience 

2 August 2016 – Going beyond the normal remit of most headphones and speakers, Philips’ Nitro range gives users the opportunity to add a further element to their listening experience. Nitro incorporates LED lighting that pulses to the beat of the music, offering an impressive light display and a quality listening experience. With the NTX400 sound tower providing the party, the HX50 and HX10 headphones offer a more personal and portable experience, though still boasting the range’s trademark light effects. 

Philips NTX400

Boasting up to 1000W of power and bass boosted by NX Bass technology, the Philips NTX400 certainly doesn't pull any punches. With 260K LED lights, the NTX400 is compatible with Bluetooth devices, as well as MP3, CD, USB and others through audio in. Standing at over 80cm, it is a sound tower like no other, and sure to bring the party.

Philips HX50

Going beyond the general parameters of most headphones, the Philips HX50 includes a distinct visual aspect to its experience via its LED lighting. Syncing to the music, the LED lights compensate the neodynamic drivers incorporated to deliver a deep bass and powerful sound. Music visibility can easily be controlled with the LED activation button on the left earcan, and complete with a tough build and headband, its pulsing LED lights are sure to grab attention wherever they go.

Philips HX10

Visually displaying the music played via their LED lighting, the Philips HX10 in-ear headphones are sure to garner attention no matter where they’re worn. The powerful LED syncs to every beat, with music visibility controlled via the LED button and up to six hours of light available. At no stage is the sound compromised however, with both the neodymium drivers delivering a powerful sound and the Bass Reflex Port improving the bass. Durability caps off their standing as the perfect in-ear headphones. 

Pricing and Availability

Philips NTX400 – £399.99 / Available from Currys

Philips HX50 – £49.99 / Available from Argos

Philips HX10 - £29.99 / Available from Argos 

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