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Onkyo launches X9 High Resolution Audio and X3 portable speakers

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Bristol, England – The Bristol Hi-Fi Show will see the UK debut of two new high quality portable wireless speakers launched by Gibson Innovations in partnership with Onkyo. Both the new X9 and X3 speakers share an acoustically optimized, slim-line, oval-shaped minimalist design, finished in aluminium, and featuring dedicated in-house developed components, Bluetooth wireless streaming and a built-in rechargeable battery.

The X9 is also Onkyo’s first speaker to offer superb playback of High Resolution Audio via a USB audio-in.

Both products also feature Onkyo’s ‘intelligent’ proprietary Optimal Balance algorithm and dedicated DSP specifically tuned for each model and designed to optimize sound quality and give consistent audio performance whether listening at high or low levels.

X9 High Resolution Audio speaker with Bluetooth

The X9 manages to include eight high-quality, dedicated drivers within its slim oval shaped compact cabinet measuring 300x144x63mm (wxhxd).

The X9’s drivers include: two 1” (25mm) High Resolution Audio Silk Dome tweeters, four 2” (50mm) mid-bass drivers and two 3.5” (89mm) passive bass radiators.

Designed to meet the HRA standard over the USB input (as defined by the Japanese Audio Society and CEA) the X9’s tweeters run over a wide-range from 2.5kHz to 40khz with the relatively low crossover point contributing to low directivity and allowing a high degree of freedom with regards to speaker placement. 

The tweeters have also been positioned at the edge of the cabinet – and point slightly outwards – to give good stereo separation while great efforts have been made with the design of the front grill to ensure the X9 delivers the high frequency extension required by the HRA standard.

The front and rear aluminium housing also acts as brace and makes the internal cabinet more rigid to reduce sound colouring vibrations.

Four 2” mid-bass drivers were selected to give better separation and the same performance as two larger drivers but without restricting space and driver layout within the slim-line cabinet, while the two 3.5” passive radiators are mounted as a force-cancelling balanced pair, one behind the other, in the centre of the cabinet to allow the maximum excursion and deep bass performance for the relatively compact enclosure. 

The speaker also includes a headphone output with its own dedicated DAC, so that High Resolution Audio can also be experienced through capable headphones.

X3 speaker with Bluetooth

Two dedicated, in-house designed and developed 1.75” (45mm) full-range drivers, allow the X3 to deliver the Onkyo sound signature of a clear, clean, precise reproduction of the original music while dual opposing force, 2.5” (64mm) passive radiators allow the X3 to offer the bass scale, detail and power of a single, much larger driver but from within a relatively compact cabinet measuring just 195x 93 x51mm (wxhxd).

The X3 shares the same rigid aluminium housed cabinet design with the X9 and features a dedicated version of Onkyo’s Optimal Balance system and DSP.

A built-in rechargeable battery, USB port to charge mobile devices, built-in microphone and wireless connectivity are encased in the acoustically tuned aluminium housing. With 8 hours playtime, the X3 has been designed for a portable and pure listening experience.

Both the X3 and X9 will be launched in March priced at £129.99 and £249.99 respectively.

Feature summary: 

X9 High Resolution Audio speaker with Bluetooth

  • 4x 2” (50mm) mid-bass drivers
  • 2x 1” (25 mm) High Resolution Audio tweeters
  • 2x 3.5” (89mm) passive radiators
  • 57Hz-40kHz frequency range
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing for High Resolution Audio files
  • Opposing force-cancelling dual passive radiators minimize extraneous vibrations
  • 4x 10W amplifier power output with less than 1% Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Optimal Balance feature optimizes sound balance and minimizes distortion at all volumes
  • Bluetooth, USB and audio inputs to connect to almost any device
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
  • Multipair technology enables Bluetooth connection for up to 4 different users
  • Dedicated High Resolution Audio headphone output
  • 10-hour rechargeable battery life
  • Premium design in aluminium
  • Available in a silver finish

Onkyo X3 speaker with Bluetooth

  • 2x 1.75” (45mm) mid-bass drivers
  • 2x 2.5” (64mm) passive radiators
  • Opposing and force cancelling passive radiators to minimize unwanted vibrations
  • 2x 4.5W amplifier power output with less than 1% THD
  • Bluetooth, USB and audio inputs to connect to almost any device
  • Multipair technology enables Bluetooth connection for up to 2 different users
  • 3400mAh 8-hour rechargeable battery life with USB output to charge other devices
  • Premium design in aluminium
  • Available in a silver or black finish
  • 80Hz-20kHz frequency range
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls

About Onkyo’s partnership with Gibson Innovations

In Japanese, Onkyo means ‘Sound Harmony’ and this has been the company’s guide since it was founded in 1946. Today, with its heritage of innovation in high-quality sound experiences, Onkyo is pioneering high resolution audio. Onkyo and Gibson Innovations have partnered to realize the companies’ shared ambition to pursue perfection in sound quality in connected speakers and headphones. Onkyo: Pure sound. Since 1946. For further information visit

About Gibson Innovations

We’re Gibson Innovations, and we love music. We combine innovation, great sound and sophisticated design to create music and entertainment products across a dynamic portfolio of brands: Philips, Philips Fidelio, Gibson, Onkyo and Trainer. We’re part of Gibson Brands, Inc., one of the fastest-growing music lifestyle companies in the world, with a portfolio of brands that spans the full journey of music: creation, performance and experience. For our latest news go to