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Hauppauge adds DVR style recording features to its Broadway streaming TV Box

Tags: Hauppauge (NASDAQ:HAUP), PCTV Systems

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London, UK - 28 June 2012 - With restricted storage capacity in many home TV devices, you may find you and your favourite programme out in the cold when competing for recording space.  Hauppauge's latest home theatre product, the Broadway, provides the perfect storage solution for all your favourite programmes.  Also ideal for frequent travellers, this small box sits between your TV source and internet router and lets users access live TV from anywhere in the world.  It previously only streamed live TV, but has added a new software update that will add DVR capabilities, letting users record shows and then stream them at a later date.  To do this, you'll need to attach a USB flash drive or external hard drive for the Broadway to save programmes to - once that is installed you'll be able to stream your recordings anywhere you can get online.  

Using any desktop, mobile device or notebook in your home or around the world you simply open the designated web browser and scan any TV channel streamed through Broadway.   

You will be able to stream wirelessly to Macs, IPhone's, iPads and PCs as well as Android devices running 2.2 or better. Everything runs through the browser, so there won't be any software to install.   

Whether you are spending time with the family or are abroad for the holidays, you can take control of your remote once more since Broadway gives you freedom and choice.   Broadway -  RRP of £149.99 Available at